Lot 48: let's throw it back

February 7, 2014

let's throw it back

the other day, I read this post and it got me thinking about my elementary school days.  The days when you played at recess with your friends and acted out your favorite movies.

THIS. MOVIE.  i spent so much time at recess re-enacting this movie with my friends.  I was Zenon, of course. I knew every line and my friends and i did every scene from the movie at recess.  We would even take calculators from inside and bring them to recess to pretend they were our phones.  Oh the imagination of a tween...

I thought she had the COOLEST room and the COOLEST life.  And she got to meet her favorite singer? And they had a full on adventure together?!?!?  Yeah... I thought it was like, the best movie ever.  Her character just, obviously really resonated with me.

SPACE CAMP. Guys, I watched this movie on repeat.  It was my movie.  I got into this movie when I was in my early teens, so after my Zenon days (I had matured to movies about pop stars to movies about kids getting lost in space. I had GROWN UP). ps that small kid is Joaquin Phoenix.

^^Look at Tate Donovan as a baaaaaby. And Lea Thompson as a baby! Man, she was gorgeous even then! And Kelly Preston too!^^

I loved this movie so much.  I was in a serious decade long phase of acting out movies.  There is this scene in the movie where the girls are in their bunker talking and the girl with the crazy hair (Kelly Preston) is eating an air head.  She is sitting on a bunk bead, eating an air head and talking to Lea Thompson.  For some reason, I really loved that scene so........... we had a bunk bed in the basement.  I went with my mom to the grocery store and I asked her pretty-please buy me airheads and then later I took her to the bunk bead room and had her act out the scene with me.  I think I was frustrated because she wasn't saying the lines right. (and yes, you are correct, I have the MOST AWESOME MOM IN THE WORLD and also her birthday is in a week.).  

DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ABOUT THIS MOVIE. (but you're writing about it? so..... didn't you already start it yourself??) hush, you. i have three sisters and this was our movie.  I still to this day know every line of this movie! Jump off the bus with your friend to watch your favorite dancing show? i miiiight have secretly wished a friend would offer me that opportunity so i could act out that part of  the movie! i have been robbed of this re-enactment! i would eat potato chips and try to find a green one because you know that scene where the dad of the guy is eating potato chips and he eats a green one?  i would eat all the green potato chips.  And you know that part where Sarah Jessica Parker is in her underwear and tank top in her room contemplating her strict father and climbing down that tree? you bet i walked around in my underwear and a tank top.  i remember my dad had this high school aged guy over for some reason, maybe it was for a church thing??? and i put on a leotard and a tank top (leotard because i couldn't actually show a guy my underwear.  decency, people) and i was going to waltz into my dad's office and impress this older gentleman with my ability to be like how girls were in the movies.  I stood outside my dad's office door for a full five minutes and couldn't do it.  because i knew what my dad would think. i was wearing a leotard but i still felt immodest and scandalous and once i got to the door i realized how embarrassing and scary the whole situation was. like, that handsome boy was at least 10 years older than me. so.... i went back to my room.
but never you mind, girls just want to have fun was and to this day my ANTHEM. 

what were you favorite movies growing up?

ps. i'm signing off now until i get back from my honeymoon, so i will see you after President's Day when I start a new job!! Yippee!! I have scheduled a few posts for next week that I hope you will enjoy!

Kay.  Off to get married now.

xoxo, Lauren


  1. I love Zenon too. So good.

    1. i am so glad somebody else remembers it! i love remembering how much of a wanna be to everyone i was back then. soon i will write about my obsession with lizzie mcguire back then.

  2. Haha I totally remember Zenon! I hope your wedding was beautiful and wonderful and your honeymoon is perfect in every way!

    1. thank you Jordyn that is so sweet! It was perfect, despite a few hiccups and a panic attack before the ceremony, everything was perfect.


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