Lot 48: just knock me out

February 4, 2014

just knock me out

i often wondered what it would be like to be this close to my wedding.  what thoughts would be going through my head? how would i be feeling? 
well..... you know that part in the goblet of fire when the tournament is fast approaching and he is talking about how he feels like the clock is spinning around rapidly and he just wants it to slllooooooowww dooooooowwwwwwnnnnnn?
well, this is nothing like that
time has never gone so slowly.  each day feel like a week.  the past two weeks have been really rough.  i just want to be knocked out until Saturday so i don't have to deal with this whole waiting nonsense.  time has never been so cruel.  
this is a huge deal.  getting married is a huge deal. you know in gilmore girls when lorelai gets engaged to max ("max. maxxxxx medina") and lorelai says to her mother "this is the biggest thing to happen to me in possibly my entire life..."? that line has been running through my head a lot and i'm like, yesssss. this is one of the biggest things to happen to me in my entire life.  and i kind of keep forgetting that because it just feels so natural.  i'm not nervous or scared, really.  i'm just excited.  forever is a long time but there is no one i would rather spend it with.  
a few days before my friend's wedding a few years ago, i asked her how she was feeling, just like how people have been asking me.  and she said "when i think about spending forever with someone, it kind of freaks me out and i'm like woooaaaaahhhh.  but then i remember it's forever with Mitch and then i'm like, oh, yeah, okay, this makes perfect sense."  and really, i couldn't have said it better myself.  that is exactly what i'm feeling.  
i just want to get this show on the road!! but its only tuesday.  my entire engagement, people have been saying "oh, your wedding day will be here before you know it" or "oh, 3 months will go by so fast." and i keep waiting for them to be right.  but no. this has not gone fast. it has gone sloooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwllyyy.  i feel like im jumping out of my skin anxious/excited half the time.  how is it only tuesday!?! how?? 
so if anybody has one of those handy speed up time things and wants to lend me one, that would be great.
please and thank you.

xoxo, lauren


  1. People are liars!!! Next to my 1st pregnancy being engaged was the longest torture of my life. I just wanted to be married already! No more goodnight see you tomorrows! The only time you will think it went fast is after you are married, and even then I still noticed time sped up after we were married! When people get engaged I always get gutty and excited! Then I get sad and apologize to them. They look at me funny, and I say because being engaged is long and slow, and there will come a point when you are done being engaged and ready for marriage. So excited for you!!!! Once Saturday comes time will start zooming by!

    1. MAGGIE. i can't even tell you how much i needed to hear that i wasn't the only one. its been so hard and i am excited, i really am, but all this waiting is difficult! i take such comfort knowing that i'm not the only one! saturday CANNOT come soon enough! and i HATE the goodnight see you tomorrow! enough of that! thanks for making my day maggie!


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