Lot 48: jack sparrow did not appear

February 20, 2014

jack sparrow did not appear

 and now lets talk about my honeymoon!! it was amaaaaaaazing.  it was complete, pure bliss.  i had so many fears before we left, because i am a fearful, worrier breed of a human, and nothing went wrong! not until our flight home and it was only a minor hiccup. it was a success!! 
the greatest thing about it was just spending time with my husband.  that was really the best part. we were together 24/7 and it was bliss.  i am so incredibly happy to be married to this man.  i really don't even know how to accurately describe how giddy and overjoyed i am about being tied to this man forever.  i really don't think i have ever been this happy. when i lived in london and L.A., those times of my life are really close seconds. and some parts of college really rocked too.  i've had a good life. but everything seems to be perfect right now. aaaaaahhhhhh... being a newlywed. 
anywho. we went on a caribbean cruise. i did not run into jack sparrow.  disappointed.

we sailed with royal caribbean and it was really really nice. i had cruised with Norwegian and he had cruised with carnival, and we both really loved royal caribbean and agreed it was far better than both. 

^^this was the dining room where we had our sit down dinners. see the staircase? titanic, anyone??^^

^^this was the royal promenade where they had shops and stuff.^^

^^that cafe was complimentary so at night we would go there for scones and pastries and little sandwiches and unwind from the day.^^

^^you bet i got a cupcake or two from there.^^

^^oh yes. they had ben & jerrys. we were going to splurge and get ice cream there but we were always full after dinner because we ordered every dessert on the menu each night because why not? its complimentary? and you can just sample everything?? so we would always be too full to get the ice cream.^^

^^doesn't this couch look like something a record label would have?? we had to model on it.^^

^^they had a rock climbing wall on the ship.  we never got around to doing it. but it would have been cool.^^

^^they had this random dog that overlooked the promenade.  so naturally, i joined him and we overlooked our kingdom together.^^

the next day was a day at sea!! so we spent it by the pool.

^^you can kind of see in the middle of the pool there is a stage. i guess royal caribbean is partners with dreamworks so they had characters from madagascar come out and they had a parade. it was fun.^^ 

they have this cool thing on the ship called "the flow rider".  it is a man made wave where you can surf and boogie board. 

it was fun!! but i got so bruised.  you really knock into that wall and it did it wrong the first time and went against the current somehow so my arms were trying to hold up all this water and it made my arms oh so very sore!! when i walked away, i was hurting! i'm hard core like that, you know.

After dinner that night, we did some karaoke.  You could pick any song and then go into a little booth so no one can see or hear you. so if you like to sing but have stage fright, its perfect!! 

i think i sang "r-e-s-p-e-c-t" and "hit me baby one more time"

^^that was a sexy pose for my husband while i was singing^^

^^after a day at sea, we arrived in haiti.  this is the view from the buffet. we both stopped when we saw the island. it was completely breathtaking.^^

^^the island was the cruise line's private island.^^

this place wasn't a slice of paradise, it was the WHOLE DARN PIE

we just laid on the beach for hourssss.  ahhhhh. can we go back??

walking back to the ship there were some native dancers and....

this guy!! hunky man, yeah? 

that's all for now. look forward to another post on this fabulous honeymoon hopefully later this week!! 
where did you go on your honeymoon? have you been to the caribbean?


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    1. yeah, you went to the caribbean for your honeymoon didn't you? it was pure bliss!


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