Lot 48: apparently i take up the entire bed

February 26, 2014

apparently i take up the entire bed

as we learned on this honeymoon post, i stretch out my legs when my sleep. i guess i can't have them just clumped together, i need them spread apart at least a little bit?? hubs reaffirmed this to me but i already knew.  i would sleep in the splits growing up, making it so my sisters would fight over who had the displeasure of sharing a bed with me on family vacations, as i would kick them in the night as i tried to stretch out, you see.  once i went to college and had to sleep in twin beds, the sleeping in the splits era of my life ended. but now that i am bad in a queen, my legs seem to be going back to their old ways..... 
as taran has been learning these things about me, i have been learning things about him. and i have been learning a lot of little quirks about him since living together.
  • he is paranoid about signing out of online accounts.  whether it is an email account or a bank account, he signs out of it each time. juuuuuust in case a criminal walks into our apartment, somehow misses the tv, electronics and jewlery, walks to our computer and steals all our money via a wire transfer. so juuuust in case that happens, better sign out on a computer that only he and his wife uses. 
  • he likes vitamin D milk instead of 2% (?!?!?!)
  • he has to always give me a kiss goodnight before he falls asleep
  • he snores. then i wake him and tell him he's snoring. then when he falls back asleep he stops.
  • he does this incredibly, incredibly weird thing while he is sleeping. he lays on his belly and buries his head in the pillow.  he holds his breath for like, 20 seconds, then lifts his head off the pillow and takes a HUGE gasp of air (a gasp so loud and dramatic that it wakes me up) and then he holds him breath again and puts his head back in the pillow. Whaa??? He does this repeatedly. Really, though.  what is this?? its the weirdest thing.  he is fully asleep when he does this. it is so weird.  he was a really serious swimmer in high school, so maybe it has something to do with that, but it is really really weird.
  • he taps his teeth together when he sleeps. he sleeps with his mouth open and then you'll hear this 'pop' as he closes his touches his front teeth together really quickly. this man is the weeeeeeeirdest sleeper.
  • he doesn't floss and has never had a cavity. seriously?? how is that possible? annoying. and gross. floss, dude.
  • i need a lot of blankets, the heater on and the space heater on when i sleep. he sleeps with one blanket.
  • we don't cuddle when we sleep. we both jerk a lot in sleep and it wakes the other person up if we are touching. so we fall asleep on opposite ends of the bed but i still somehow end up taking up the whole bed. sorry........
  • he watches downton abbey. i do not. 
married life! living together! kazaaa!!! ain't love GRAND? 

what are some weird things you have learned about your partner since you have lived together?
xoxo, lauren


  1. this post is awesome! it definitely is interesting to find out those little things that you never knew about someone until you live with them :p


  2. i know! it is kind of fun to learn more about my husband even though i thought i knew everything about him!


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