Lot 48: and now i'm mrs. packer

February 18, 2014

and now i'm mrs. packer

I wanted to give you a sneak peak of some pictures from my wedding day because I am just too happy not to share them.  My wedding day was everything I imagined it would be!  I can't wait to share more pictures as I get them.  So without further ado, here is a collection of some photos from my bridal photo shoot (or i guess formals since Taran was there) and from the wedding day.

It's no secret that I am Mormon, and so you can probably guess that I was married in an LDS temple.  The ceremony is very small and only those who are LDS and have "gone through a temple" or are "endowed" (which is a special ceremony in our temple that members go through when they feel ready, are going on a mission, or before marriage) can attend the wedding sealing (we call it a sealing as the husband and wife are sealed for not just time, but for eternity as well).  so the two photos above are pictures of us when we came out of the temple to greet everyone.  

^^this is my maid of honor, my best friend since 8th grade.  i love her so much.  she was an ANGEL throughout this whole wedding planning and she came into town two days early to throw me a bachelorette party and help me.  she was an ANGEL and was so incredibly helpful. she is my BFF forever FOR REAL.^^

^^the above four photos are from my bridals^^

^^we took these before the ceremony on the grounds of the temple. oh my WORD my husband is so handsome^^

^^my parents and I^^
I truly have the most amazing parents in the world.  I would not be the person I am today without their influence.  They were both angels at my wedding and my mom was a godsend.  She was literally with me every step of the way as she helped me with every tiny thing in the wedding planning.  There were a million things that I didn't even think of that she thought of.  And my dad just loves Taran and is so excited to have him in the family.  He gave him the sweetest present on our wedding day that I will share later.  I absolutely love my parents.  And my are they a handsome couple! 

^^first dance!! we chose to dance to "1234" by Plain White T's.^^

^^I was completely IN LOVE with my bouquet^^

^^and here we are!! Mr and Mrs. Packer!!^^

^^I am so happy that I was able to be married in that beautiful temple.  The sealing was so sacred and beautiful.  Taran might be embarrassed for you to know that he cried the entire ceremony. It was so sweet.  I was, of course, a mess as well.^^

^^And we were off!!^^

I can't wait to share photos of our honeymoon from our caribbean cruise! Stay tuned!!

xoxo, lauren


  1. Replies
    1. thank you so much that is so sweet!! taran forgot to shave that morning!!! can you tell? i was so paranoid it would be obvious in pictures. my dad ran to the store and got a razor and i made him shave after the ceremony

  2. Gorgeous photos! You were a beautiful bride!
    Clicked over from the Expat Diaries bloghop!

    1. thank you for much that is so sweet of you to say!! i had a really good photographer, thats why i looked good ;) thanks for stopping by!!!

  3. Oh my gosh you looked like such a beautiful barbie princess bride! I'm glad your wedding day was such a dream come true, congratulations!!! (:

    1. Jordyn i LOVE you!!! i was completely in love with my dress. its so funny because i pinned a million dresses before i went shopping and i actually found my dress on pinterest and was like I NEED THAT. and the first store i walked into, the dress was RIGHT THERE and im like, its meant to be!! done!! it was magical.
      and i LOVE being called a princess. my nieces were so cute and staring at me all day. and even my little two year old nephew was just STARING at me. and as the wedding got close my husband said he couldn't wait for our nieces to see me in my dress because they would think i was a princess and when they saw me, taran asked them "does she look like a princess??" and his little niece was like "oooooooohhhh!!!! soooooooo prettyyyyyyyy!!!!! you're a princess!" i nearly died.
      also, so funny, i saw my niece a few days ago and she said "why aren't you married anymore?" and i said "im still married" and she said "but you aren't in your marriage dress!!!" hahhaha

  4. Aw you are a beautiful bride!! Big congrats. :)

    1. Awww thank you so much!! I wish I could relive my wedding day it was just so perfect and beautiful.

  5. You really were (are) such a gorgeous bride! And my best friend ever (also since 8th grade) was my absolutely priceless maid of honor too!!


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