Lot 48: February 2014

February 28, 2014

slow it dowwwwwwwwwnnnnn

lately i have been feeling a little insane. with all the changes that have been happening, "overwhelmed" "crazy" "stressed" and "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!" are definitely words to describe myself the past few weeks.  I have put a lot of pressure on myself, too much pressure, i think.  

our apartment is a mess. there are frames that have no pictures in them, things that need to be framed, things to be hung up, we need to sell my twin bed i had been sleeping in until now, we need to buy an actual couch, we need to get SILVERWARE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD because we have been using plastic ones.  at least we have two plates! we need to finish writing thank you cards. we have written a lot but still have a lot more to do.  we need to cook. we need to cook so much that we don't have to eat out. or be in a situation where i don't have anything to eat for dinner and i don't want to spend money so i don't eat dinner and then i feel sick and then i get crabby.  i need to use those gift cards people gave me to buy such things. i need to decorate my desk. my DESK!! my desk at work is huge and has a whole bunch of little shelves and cubbies and i could do so many adorable things with it but whaaaaat should i put on there? thank goodness for northern belle diaries' pinterest board.  i have A LOT TO DO. and it is reallllllly stressing me. 

and on top of everything, i have been feeling really icky and sick lately, like nauseated for 70% of the day, and it has started to become very annoying. how am i supposed to be productive if i am moaning in pain and discomfort each night? so i just took a blood test and the nurse practitioner helped me with some of the symptoms, and i think i have figured it out. it seems i feel nauseous when i take my medicine and my iron supplement (i am severely anemic) together so i stopped that and that helped. i also need to remember to take my anti-acid in the morning otherwise...... nauseous. but stilll, it seems no matter what i do, i still feel nauseous after i eat, no matter what it is. i have come to the conclusion that a have a tiiiiiiiiiiny little bug and next week will be better??
don't even talk to me about the gym.  when i lost 16 pounds, i was at the gym 6 days a week and was a total rockstar. since i have been married, i haven't been once. i have been feeling  ill/overwhelmed/just-want-to-go-home-and-cuddle-with-my-husband to go.  let's just not talk about. buuuuuuuut i will say that i have been KILLIN it in the eating department and have been eating really well. salads! sandwiches! oatmeal! magoes! raw veggies! oh my!!! 

all of these things have kind of instituted this self loathing situation that has been a grey cloud above my head and in my heart and brain because i haven't been productive. i have to be the perfect wife!! i have to cook! the kitchen is a mess! i have to hang these pictures up! i have to decorate! and i want to do that, but i just started a real big job here and i am very stressed and tired and overwhelmed and....maybe i'm just making excuses?

all in all, you can understand why i feel like i am running around with my head cut off.  i have a busy weekend this weekend too because i want to be with my family and be with my little babies. tomorrow, taran and i are taking my 3 year old nephew on a date to the space museum and then my sister is coming over to give me some things i left with her (i have been missing my boots! all this rain without my boots? ah!) and to see our new place. and i can't waaaaaait to see my sassy little Avery.  that girl's got SPUNK. 

so right now, i am just going to take a deep breath and say "it's okay.  it's all okay. it will all get done."  because who cares if the apartment is a mess and nothing is hung up? i'm going to go cuddle with my husband. being with my husband as much as possible is a priority and i'm not going to apologize for it. so i am going to slow it down. take a breath. take one task at a time. starting with my self esteem. the pictures will get hung.  the pictures will get framed.  food will be bought. food will be cooked.  our apartment will be decorated. its alllllllll gonna be okay.

thanks for letting me ramble. i was having trouble sleeping and just needed to write. so thanks for listening.
xoxo, lauren

February 27, 2014

this is my new life

so many changes have happened in the past few weeks it is insane.  i got married.  i moved. i started going by a new name. i started a new job.  that is a lot of change!! 

i have a lot of responsibility at my new job and it is a much bigger company than i have ever worked for; its a multi-million dollar company!! in my jobs previously as i made decisions and shared my ideas, i felt like i was playing with a small camp fire.  if i made a mistake, the fire could quickly be put out.  but now, i feel like i am playing with a forest fire.  that is how drastic a change this is.  but i am loving it! it has really tested my confidence as i have started working there.  i felt my new boss really talked me up and put me on a pedestal and i was so nervous to disappoint!!  i didn't want to open my mouth and do my job and then have a coworker think I wasn't as great as she said i was.  it was all very scary.  
there is so much to learn at this new job but i am proud to say i think i am handling things okay and i think i am doing pretty well at keeping up.  i can't even tell you how much of a blessing this new job is and how long i had been searching for a new opportunity.  it was a real challenge to be patient for the right match.  and now that i have found it and its here, i am so grateful that i wasn't hired at those dozens of other companies that turned me down.  this is the perfect place!! 
this is real, adult stuff that's happening right now. marriage, big job, signing up for life insurance, you know.  grown up stuff.  but it turns out, adults have fun too. and being an adult has its perks.  such as...

business trips to Disney World.  yes, you read that correctly.  i'm going to Disney World on business.  I never thought I would say that.  we have an annual conference that happens every year at my new job, and this year, its at Disney World! I guess not too many people in my department go, but my boss decided she needed me to go, so it looks like i'm going! it will be for a full week in April and I'm so excited!! If somebody told me this is what business trips were like, i wouldn't have been dreading them so much!! I can't wait!!  

xoxo, lauren

February 26, 2014

apparently i take up the entire bed

as we learned on this honeymoon post, i stretch out my legs when my sleep. i guess i can't have them just clumped together, i need them spread apart at least a little bit?? hubs reaffirmed this to me but i already knew.  i would sleep in the splits growing up, making it so my sisters would fight over who had the displeasure of sharing a bed with me on family vacations, as i would kick them in the night as i tried to stretch out, you see.  once i went to college and had to sleep in twin beds, the sleeping in the splits era of my life ended. but now that i am bad in a queen, my legs seem to be going back to their old ways..... 
as taran has been learning these things about me, i have been learning things about him. and i have been learning a lot of little quirks about him since living together.
  • he is paranoid about signing out of online accounts.  whether it is an email account or a bank account, he signs out of it each time. juuuuuust in case a criminal walks into our apartment, somehow misses the tv, electronics and jewlery, walks to our computer and steals all our money via a wire transfer. so juuuust in case that happens, better sign out on a computer that only he and his wife uses. 
  • he likes vitamin D milk instead of 2% (?!?!?!)
  • he has to always give me a kiss goodnight before he falls asleep
  • he snores. then i wake him and tell him he's snoring. then when he falls back asleep he stops.
  • he does this incredibly, incredibly weird thing while he is sleeping. he lays on his belly and buries his head in the pillow.  he holds his breath for like, 20 seconds, then lifts his head off the pillow and takes a HUGE gasp of air (a gasp so loud and dramatic that it wakes me up) and then he holds him breath again and puts his head back in the pillow. Whaa??? He does this repeatedly. Really, though.  what is this?? its the weirdest thing.  he is fully asleep when he does this. it is so weird.  he was a really serious swimmer in high school, so maybe it has something to do with that, but it is really really weird.
  • he taps his teeth together when he sleeps. he sleeps with his mouth open and then you'll hear this 'pop' as he closes his touches his front teeth together really quickly. this man is the weeeeeeeirdest sleeper.
  • he doesn't floss and has never had a cavity. seriously?? how is that possible? annoying. and gross. floss, dude.
  • i need a lot of blankets, the heater on and the space heater on when i sleep. he sleeps with one blanket.
  • we don't cuddle when we sleep. we both jerk a lot in sleep and it wakes the other person up if we are touching. so we fall asleep on opposite ends of the bed but i still somehow end up taking up the whole bed. sorry........
  • he watches downton abbey. i do not. 
married life! living together! kazaaa!!! ain't love GRAND? 

what are some weird things you have learned about your partner since you have lived together?
xoxo, lauren

February 25, 2014

this is the last honeymoon post i PROMISE

let's finish up all this honeymoon talk!! you can view the first honeymoon post here and the second post here.

valentine's day was just 6 days after our wedding and was the last day on the cruise ship. i got sea sick quite a bit on the trip, usually in the evenings, so i asked taran to run down to the cafe and grab me some sprite to settle my stomach and so that i could take some pepto.  he returned with this sweet delectable desert!
^^valentine's day cupcake! it was delicious!^^

that night, we had made reservations at one of fancy restaurants that was not included in the price of the cruise.  it was a steakhouse and was very nice and absolutely delicious.
^^we got all dressed up for our first valentine's day together!^^

^^nice retaurant, yeah?^^

i must say, the steak there was literally the best steak i have ever had.  the price for the dinner was $30 a person and they gave you whatever steak you wanted and ask many sides as you wanted and as many desserts as you wanted.  after i bit into my steak, i felt like it was a bargain. if they had asked me to pay $100 for the steak, i would have been like "yeah, okay, that sounds about right."  really, though.  THE STEAK.

The next morning, we got off the ship and went back to Miami.  I was so sad to leave the ship.  It was complete bliss.  We checked into our hotel in Miami and went to lunch.

^^this is me trying to get a good picture of my husband and this was the best i got^^

After we rested for a few hours in our hotel (yes, rested, i took a nap and we caught up on TV.  seriously.  get your mind out of the gutter.) we headed out to see the city and go to a movie.

i booked our hotel along the beach and within walking distance of Lincoln Street, Miami's infamous outdoor mall.  so our first stop was checking out the beach.

it was evening and the sun was setting, so we didn't stay long.  i have been to miami twice, so i just really wanted to show husband Lincoln street.

^^lincoln street!!  i love this part of Miami!  So much culture and different types of people from all walks of life!  i love that!^^

^^not a statue. a person^^

we had dinner at nexxt cafe which was delicious and then saw jack ryan: shadow recruit or something like that??  it was actually pretty good and very suspenseful.  and i had never seen kera knightly in a movie where she had an american accent before, so that was strange. we ended the night with cold stone creamery.

The next day, we took our sad selves to the airport.  sad the honeymoon was over, sad the trip was over, sad we had to go back to reality.  but here's the thing.  i was sad as i was for the honeymoon to end, i was kind of excited to go home.  i didn't marry taran so i could go on vacation with him.  i married him because i want to build a life with him and live together and figure out life together and have children together. and you don't do those things on vacation.  i was excited to go home because i was excited to start our life together.  i was excited for reality, because my reality is pretty great. in fact, its really, really, really excellent. 

we flew from miami to los angeles to salt lake city, and as we left los angeles, i thought back to this post that i wrote a year ago, when i visited la myself because i missed it so much.  it was exactly a year ago when i was on that plane with my new husband, and my mind was blown.  a year ago, i was looking out that window, thinking about a guy who i had gone on a few dates with and deciding what i was going to do with my life and what my next career move would be.  and now, one year later, i am in the same city as i go on my honeymoon with my husband.  isn't life crazy?
i remember a party i went to with taran and my friend nearly two years ago, back when taran and i were just friends.  he was frustrated with his dating life and saying with the way things were going, he wouldn't get married until he was in his mid 30s.  i was in a really weird/hard place at that point and wasn't looking for a relationship or anything, so i never imagined when he was talking about his future wife that that would be me.  but once the weird/hard time ended and the clouds parted and the sun shone again, this handsome, fun, sweet guy popped into my head and i strongly felt like i needed to see him.  even though we hadn't spoken in 8 months, i texted him out of blue and asked him to go to a hockey game with me.  a year later, here we are. 
ain't life a funnny thaaaang... who'd a thunk.

February 24, 2014

Wanderlust Wednesays: greenwich village & trafalgar square

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you had a good weekend!! We spent the weekend unpacking and putting away wedding presents and writing thank you notes.  I am SO HUMBLED by how kind and generous everyone was at our wedding.  We got sooooo many gifts and i beyond grateful.  We feel so loved.  
I love being married.  I love living with Taran, i love sharing everything with him, i love being his wife, i love that he's my husband, i love our apartment, i love our life together. add my awesome new job that i am loving and everything is just really perfect right now.  anyway, i just had to say that.  let's move on, shall we? 

this wanderlust monday post is a bit jumbled list the last one, but as i said, i saw and did so much it was all kind of scrambled.  but i am loving sharing it with you all! 

Trafalgar Square was one of my favorite places in London  I love  the buildings, the sculptures, the fountain, the museums, all of it! 


^^I loved this fountain.  we went there periodically to throw coins in and make wishes.^^

^^This was such a large structure! I'm so small on this thing! It's huge!^^

 A few days later, I went on the Big Bus Tour around London. It was so much fun! It was nice to see London without walking. We sat on the top level and it was a beautiful day.

^^can you believe how different I look now?? ugh, i hate having bangs, i will never have them again.^^

^^The bus took us to Mayfair, which is a really fancy part of London with lots of shops and really nice apartments.^^

^^We got off the Bus at St Paul's Cathedral.  This is where Princess Diana got married. I learned on the tour that's why she decided to get married at St. Paul's instead of Westminster was just because the accoustics were better.^^

^^We passed under Tower Bridge^^

^^Then we hopped on a ferry and went to Greenwich.^^

We went to a market there where they had lots of cute little things.

^^on the way back, we saw them separate the bridge to let big boats through. It was cool to see.^^

all this writing about london is really making me miss it!! i hope you enjoyed this installment of wanderlust mondays!! Have a great one!!

xoxo, lauren

February 21, 2014

ya man. bobsled.

and now we continue the recap of my honeymoon! you can find the first post here.

After haiti, we went to Jamaica!

^^view from the buffet^^

^^it was very much a tourist destination. there were shops everywhere.  and oddly enough, there were a ton of jewelry shops because i guess diamonds are really cheap there??^^

there was some music playing so this happened...

after looking around, we bought an over priced bus ticket to get to the beach.

^^handsome husband^^

the bus driver was really funny. he said "when i say 'ya, man' you say 'ya, man'." and "here in Jamaica, we dont' have problems, we have situations." 

^^had to show it off. i don't think you have seen my ring with my wedding band? i am in love with it.^^

^^views from the bus as we drove through the town^^


^^i have this victoria's secret tote that i use when i go to the beach/pool/whatever and it was getting kind of heavy so taran insisted on carrying it all the time. the man is a GEM,^^

we just lied around for hours and it was pure bliss.  then we went back to the shop and just took a dip in the pool on the ship and had dinner. the next day..... we went to an ice show! so prepare yourselves for some really bad pictures from my phone.

at one point, a male skater just lifted the female skater up over his heads and swung her around and then did a flip and landed perfectly.  when i commented on how strong the skater was i think i might have bruised husband's ego because he said "whatever. i'm stronger!" i quickly said "yes, baby, you could totally do that." and then he said "i don't know about you....." and kissed me on the cheek.

the show was pretty cool and a lot of fun but pictures can't do it justice, so i recorded some of it for you to watch!!

^^that night when we had dinner we had the most delicious dessert i had EVER had. it was called pavloka or something and it was diviiiiiine.  we ordered two. no shame^^

^^you can see our bed is quite large and i guess i tend to spread my legs out when i sleep??? so one night taran bumped me in one of his leg twitches and woke me up. i said "honey! why are you spread out all over the bead? scoot OVER!" his response was "i am literally on the edge of the bed, sweetheart." and then i realized that my legs were entirely spread out and HE was the one who had no room. so grunted and scooted over and fell back asleep. i didn't even remember it until taran told me in the morning. so sleeping in the same bed is going GREAT.^^

^^kickin' it with the towel dog.^^

^^awwwwwww.. he's so cute!^^

and that concludes this chapter of our honeymoon!! check back for more later! And hey! it's friday!! I am looking forward to finally unpacking my house, cooking a meal in my new crockpot and writing thank you notes! lets get this house in order! i am so stressed and overwhelmed, our apartment is a mess and i want to decorate it cute and put everything away! we just haven't had time!! And I also need to tell you about my new job! There will definitely be a post on that.
thanks for reading!!