Lot 48: We're all just a little famous, aren't we??

January 31, 2014

We're all just a little famous, aren't we??

When you think about it, we are all just a little bit famous, aren't we? 
Think about how many times your friend has told you a story about a friend of a friend and then you finally meet that person and you are like "oh my gosh! i feel like i am meeting a famous person!" and it's all very exciting. 

and also, with social media, everyone can see your posts if you hashtag it! i have random companies liking and following my Instagrams (mostly event planning companies liking my pictures with #engaged).  If I saw anyone from those companies on the street, they would (maybe) think, "wait a minute, how do I know her....". 

And with blogging! If I met anyone of you in real life, I would feel like I was meeting someone famous! Because isn't the definition of famous being known to someone who you don't know? (sourse: Lauren's Dictionary of Words and Stuff).  I think so! Whenever one of you comments, I get all excited, like Reese Witherspoon read my blog, because that's how famous to me you all are! I get really excited! 

So yes, we are all a little bit famous. You used to have to be in a movie or on TV or something to be famous, and now it is just so darn easy to be semi-famous.  

So for all you people who read my blog and I don't know you, thanks for making me feel famous.

And now.... lets talk about actual celebrities.

The celebrity I am just DYING to meet is....

I mean, duh.  But I feel like we wouldn't really be friends because I would be too intimidated.  This girl is on a whole 'nother level of awesome than I am, I just don't think I could keep up.

The celebrity who I am TERRIFIED of is..

Olivia Wilde just seems scary.  And crazy, because she divorced a prince.  Who does that? Just stick it out! You're a princess!  And why is she a lesbian in nearly every other role she plays? Weird.  ps. When I worked in Hollywood, a production company I was working for produced a movie she was in recently.  I saw her audition tape. She's a great actress, she just scares me.

The celebrity I just want to give a hug to is...


I like the Kardashians, okay? Don't judge me. Their show is the best comedy on television.  They are all just so crazy and spoiled, it's kind of hilarious. But I still like them. And I feel bad for Khloe.  Kind of.  I mean, she did marry Lamar after ONE MONTH of knowing him. They literally got married on the 1 month anniversary of meeting.  Sooooo.. when your husband turns out to be a drug addict and a cheater, I'm kind of not surprised she didn't know?? Because.... she didn't know him at all? But I still feel bad for her.  She posts sad things on her Instagram sometimes.  Anyway, I want to give her a hug. Because she is my favorite Kardashian. And I feel bad she is getting divorced.  

And the celebrity I am CERTAIN we would be best friends with is...

Anna Kendrick just seems so nice and sweet and FUN! I have read interviews of her and have read interviews where her friends talk about her, so I am just convinced.  She and I would be inseperable.  I just know it.

Which celebrity are you dying to meet/be friends with/run away from, etc?

xoxo, Lauren


  1. I know a number of people who have met Jennifer Lawrence... before she became famous, that is! My brother-in-law actually met her Hunger Games co-star Josh Hutcherson at a theater conference right after Bridge to Terabithia came out.

    1. oh no way! that's awesome! i love josh. he is SUCH a cutie and such a good actor.

  2. Everyone always says that they want to be friends with J Law because she seems awesome- which is true. But I think Anna Kendrick would be a much better bff. xx

  3. I agree that with the meteoric rise of social media use, everyone has the ability to be e-famous and think you chose some great celebs that you would like to meet :)

  4. It is crazy how the internet has changed the idea of fame. I consider some of the bloggers I follow "famous" even though none of my non blogger friends would have any idea who they are.


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