Lot 48: Wanderlust Wednesday: Living in London

January 20, 2014

Wanderlust Wednesday: Living in London

I have been reading a lot of expat blogs lately.  I was emailing with Amanda the other day, and I was telling her about my study abroad that I did in London a few years ago.  I realized I don't talk about this ever on the blog because I had a separate blog while I was there. But it got me thinking that I want to share my experiences of my study abroad, even though it was so long ago.  And so....

Every Monday, I will be adding some wanderlust to your Monday and I post about my experiences from my study abroad. I think it will be fun!  Let's first begin by explaining my study abroad.

In April 2011, I boarded a plane across the great pond with 30 people I didn't know to study theater for 6 weeks.  I was 20 years old and so excited to see the world.  For six weeks I traipsed all around London and England, embarking on a new adventure each day.  I lived in a flat across from Hyde Park and studied Shakespeare and contemporary theatre.  We had class twice a week with the rest of our time to use as we wished, with the exception of mandatory activities and events that we were required to attend for class.  My study abroad was one of the best experiences of my life and I can't wait to share it with you! I still miss it so much every single day.  So without further ado, I present to you.. the first installment of Wanderlust Monday!

After a very long flight where I wasn't able to fall asleep, (I can't sleep in planes or cars) I finally arrived in London!  It was a really surreal experience to land in a foreign land, knowing that it would be my home for the next six weeks.  It definitely took me a while to grasp the concept!

I was really glad that I got to fly with other people from my group.  I flew the whole way with one girl from my group, and we met up with two others at our connection.  It was fun to fly together! And it made me feel safe.

^^Here is my first picture.  We are on the tube on our way to our flat! Pardon my terrible appearance, I was so tired! But very excited.^^

^^It was funny, once we got to the tube stop, there were about 15 of us that all walked to our flat 15 minutes away.  We looked ridiculous with all of our suitcases and bags! We definitely looked like tourists!^^
^^We went on a walk with the whole group once we got there, and I got to see a lot of my neighborhood! So many of the buildings are so intricately carved and beautiful. They look very "British" to me.^^

^^This is was my group. I believe there were 35 of us and two professors. The students include a married couple, two more boys, and the rest are girls.^^

^^This is my building. It is directly across the street from Hyde Park.  We are so close to Hyde Park that my building was on the Hyde Park map.  My flat was really nice! I lived in a flat with 23 other girls. I didn't know what a flat was til I got there.^^

^^These were our common rooms where we can do homework and eat our meals and such.^^

^^This is our kitchen.  It's HUGE. We have 4 fridges, 3 stoves, 3 ovens, 2 sinks, and more cupboards than I can count.  I share it with all 23 girls.^^

^^We had a long hall in our flat where our 6 bedrooms were. Some had 3 girls, some had 4 girls in them. There were lots of us!^^

^^My room had four beds in a row. ^^

^^Our bathroom was ity bity but at least we didn't have to share it with all 23 girls!^^

^^That night we decided to go to downtown London and see Parliment and London Eye. I didn't feel like I was really in London until I saw those buildings.^^

^^Please forgive how awful I look. I hadn't showered or slept in two days.^^
^^After we saw that, we walked to Westminster Abbey.  There was a crowd of people and a road was blocked off.  We soon found out that the royal couple had just left their ceremony rehearsal.  We had barely missed them!  As me and my friends were standing on a street corner waiting to cross, a camera crew came up and asked if we had seen the couple and if we had been waiting to see them. We told them no, we were just walking by and saw there was a crowd.  They were taking our pictures while interviewing us too.  I felt famous. After that crew left, another one came up to us and asked us the same question! It was so funny.  All of us felt so cool, being interviewed twice in such a short amount of time.^^

The next day, we had our first class. Its in a really pretty church building a 15 minute walk away from our flat.

^^Its fun because to get to the church, we walk through "Imperial College." Its so cool to see a foreign college! I like watching the students and I LOVE hearing their accents.^^

After class, we were off to explore Hyde Park!

^^The gate to Hyde Park. And random people I dont know.  As I walked in, I took another picture, and there was a man cycling by me who almost bumped me, and he said "sorry love" in the thickest British accent, it made my day and oh so very happy.^^

^^It such a nice place to go and relax!! And the park is so quiet! Thats something I noticed about London, its so quiet! We saw some kids playing soccer, and it was like someone had turned life on mute. It made me realize how loud Americans are! ^^

^^Kensington Palace. It was so gorgeous and royal!^^

^^This was at the top of the Serpentine Pond, it was so goregous.  You don't see things like these in America.^^
^^Everything is so large and royal like there!!^^

^^This was a cute playground we found. Kids can play in a pirate ship! It was so adorable. Can I play there too??^^

^^This is the Albert Memorial. It was really beautiful.^^

Something that I did not expect is that I don't hear people talking in British accents that much.  I mostly hear foreigners talking in different languages.  I probably heard 6 different languages in my first week.  It was almost a treat to get to hear a British accent.  Some of the languages that I heard were Indian, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish, not including the languages I couldn't recognize! 

 I hope you all enjoyed the first installment of Wanderlust Monday! Next post: The Royal Wedding!

xoxo, Lauren


  1. Those are some cool photos! I've never been to London. Just India (which is so very British it's oddly similar.)

    1. thanks Stephanie! i didn't know India was similar! that is so cool that you have been there! in Utah, there is a color festival every year at a hindu temple where everybody throws colored chalk on themselves. i should write a post about it, its really fun! and that is as close as i've gotten to india.


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