Lot 48: our relationship in photos

January 15, 2014

our relationship in photos

Let's take it way back. I am now going to show you a bunch of pictures of me and Taran. So prepare yourselves.
This is the first picture ever taken of us. Monumental. We had been dating maybe a week or two when this picture was taken.  We went to the zoo.
We had been dating a month at this point. He told me he loved me the next day.
we got box seats to a soccer game
we went to a jazz game
we walked on mars.
Taran met baby girl Avery. She is very skeptical of all men who aren't her dad and just stares at them when she first meets them. She stared at him for a solid hour. I tried to show her that he was a friend, but she would just look back and forth between me and him with a look that said "are you sure Aunt Lauren?"
We took my nephew Eli to the aquarium and my heart burst when Eli held Taran's hand.
We went to an arcade and played games.
We took Eli to a dinosaur museum.

We painted with water colors.

We took a super awkward picture.
We went to a super fancy work event and I got complimented by several people on how handsome my boyfriend was.
We got engaged.

23 days.....

xoxo, lauren

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