Lot 48: My guilt over Sundance Film Festival

January 14, 2014

My guilt over Sundance Film Festival

I have lived in Salt Lake City for nearly 5 years now.  And every year, I say I am going to go to Sundance, but I never do.  Which follows by me beating myself up about it.  I mean, let's look at the facts of me and the facts of Sundance.


I love tv and movies.  

I am a screenwriter (kind of sort of whatever, idk?). so you would think i would want to see these amazing movies, right?

I have dreams of working in the entertainment business.  I mean, i lived in Los Angeles for crying out loud, I worked at two production companies.  I got Frank Darabont a water.  Legit stuff.

I love Hollywood.  best time of my life was when i lived there.


Hollywood comes to me.  you would think i would be all over that.

Celebrities are everywhere and who wouldn't want to stalk them?

Not only are celebrities everywhere, but they are in Utah.  Utah.  Random, Mormon filled Utah.  I know it happens every year and some celebrities have houses in Park City, but it is still really darn cool that they come here.

Sundance is the a film festival.  Given the facts above, you would think that alone would make me want to go.


I don't really care about movies.  Anyone who knows me knows that i care way more about tv than i do about movies.  if this was a tv festival, i would be ALLL OVER IT.  

tickets are more than i would like to spend.  they are like, $20 a ticket. eh.  too much.

the lines! the crowds! the parking! it is all a mess.  parking is impossible.  the lines to get tickets are insane. i mean, i have a full time job, i don't have time to go wait in a two hour line at 830 am on a Monday. Really, though.

that's fine, just go stalk celebrities.  did i not mention the parking? the parking.  it is insane. and impossible. but nevertheless, i was DEDICATED this year to go. but then...... my bridal shower was scheduled for the only saturday during the festival.  so maybe i will go on friday night now? probably. YES. yes. that's what i'll do.  maybe..... did i mention the parking? and that i'm a homebody? and i would just rather... go to an arcade and play penny games with Taran and then hot tub as a Friday night date? and its far. not. its really not. its like a 35 minute drive.  fine, i guess thats not a good excuse. my friend works in park city and told me that there were already a lot of celebrities there for new years.  i was going to go up there for new years, but then i got sleepy.....

after living here for nearly 5 years, i should probably go, yeah? okay. great. FRIDAY. it's happening. i will go. okay. lets shake on it.  deal. 


  1. oh my goodness I live in Utah as well and still have never been to sundance! What is wrong with me!? beautiful hot celebrity men walking all over and I have never been! I will go, I am promising myself that!


    1. i am guilty as well! my friend posted a bunch of pictures of all these celebrities she saw this weekend as she was there and i was so bummed i wasn't there! i was determined to go but i got suuuper sick over the weekend! i might try again on friday?? i hope you go as well! and you better blog about your fun so i can see all the celebrities you see too!


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