Lot 48: its getting really close

January 2, 2014

its getting really close

we are now 36 days away from the wedding.  it is getting really close! and now that it is january, i can say that i am getting married NEXT MONTH! 

people keep asking me if i am nervous, and the truth is... i am not nervous to spend forever with this man, that doesn't scare me in the slightest, its other aspects. like living with a guy (!), learning and adjusting to how the other lives, putting up with each other's pet peeves, etc. meshing two lives into one is what i am nervous about. its going to be a lot to get used to.

but mostly i am just over the moon excited.  we have been wanting to get married since July (after 5 months of dating! when you know, you know!) but had to wait for several things to fall into place before we could get engaged and start planning the wedding.  when we got engaged, i felt like February 8 was forever away and sometimes it felt like we would never reach that day.  but now that it is 2014 and we are less than 5 weeks away (!!!!) it is starting to feel real, instead of like a really good dream.  
i am really trying to do everything i can to prepare for marriage. there is an amazing quote by a prophet of our church that roughly says that the way to create a good marriage is constantly putting the needs of your spouse before your own and being constantly concerned for the other's happiness.  i have had this on my mind the past couple of weeks since i read this post. i have been very aware of taran's needs and happiness and putting him before myself and in turn, that has made me happier.  i did not expect that to be the result, but nevertheless, there it is! making him happy makes me happy. making me happy makes him happy.  and i KNOW that we have a good marriage ahead of us.

and i just want to say that i am really grateful that both of us have good jobs and we are able to have health insurance ( i guess that isn't an option anymore) and that neither of us are in school (he graduated last week! hooray!) and that we will be able to live comfortably (meaning we will be able to live a good life of yummy food and gym memberships and a washer and dryer in our apartment and not starve or be cold or homeless. that's my definition of comfortable.) im grateful for the furniture his family is giving us and that we are able to get married in the temple for not just time, but for eternity.  im grateful all my family will be with me on my wedding day and that they will all be in the ceremony with me.  im grateful for the values i have stuck throughout my life so i can be married in the temple.  Getting married in the temple is not an easy thing to do by any means and it isn't something to take for granted. 

and i am also getting really excited for my bridal showers! next weekend we are heading to my hometown for a bridal shower so all my friends down there can meet Taran and celebrate with us! i'm really excited. the weekend after that will be my shower here in Salt Lake and the weekend after that we are taking my bridal photos, the weekend after that we are moving into our apartment and the weekend after that we are getting MARRIED! exciting times, people! 

what's left to do: 
  • finalize my cake
  • get my dress fitted
  • send out invitations (kind of important, i can pick them up from the printer on monday)
  • decide on menu
  • book hotels for honeymoon
  • get lots of frames and put pictures in them for the tables at reception
  • get anew swimsuit for honeymoon

im sure there is other stuff to do, but wish me luck! 
ps. i am really excited to go on our cruise to the Caribbean! it is such a fun ship and i adore beach vacations, i can't wait! i need to start tanning now so i don't get burned!

xoxo, lauren

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  1. Congrats! Your engagements are so cute! And don't be nervous, everything is going to work out perfectly as long as you are willing to make it. Enjoy the feelings and moments you have now, you'll forever want them back :)


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