Lot 48: if i was queen....

January 24, 2014

if i was queen....

As you can see, I have some pretty legit experience being queen.  I'll write the story behind the crown as one of the last posts of my Wanderlust Monday series.  (ps that crown was heavvyyyyyy.  Literally, heavy is the head who wears the crown.)

So I was thinking about it the other day, what would I do if I was queen?? 
(disclaimer: I am fully aware of how ridiculous and naive this entire list is. And that you would hate me if you don't agree with some things on this list.)
  • there would be no asking of "how are you?" instead, people would greet each other by saying "my favorite color is red and i don't like cereal." or read the latest random fact from this tumblr.
  • there would be an END to any kind of talent/singing show of ANY KIND. haven't we had enough? no talent shows of any kind at any time, on tv or in real life. aren't we tired of this yet? 
  • Justin Bieber would be put DOWN.  down i tell you. and miley cyrus would be put in a cage where she was forced to dance in an empty room 24/7 where nobody could give her any attention. Guys, what would she do without attention.  And Demi Lovato would be made a mute, as would Jennifer Lopez and Anne Hathaway and Pitbull.
  • child stars would be required to work with a therapist from day one.  some seriously messed up child stars around who have grown into craaaaazy adults.  i'm talking to you, Justin Bieber and Amanda Bynes and Miley.  
  • there would be disney worlds in every state. and it would be affordable.  let all people enjoy the amazingness of Disney!
  • ice cream and donuts would not make you fat. because really, though, give us this one, universe.
  • everyone would be happy.  somehow, i would create a world where everyone is happy with things. And everyone is safe and well fed and no violence and such. Cause this is a realistic goal, yeah?  I thought so.
  • You would get a four day weekend once a month.  Cause weekends are much too short.
  • Dishes would do themselves. So there would always be clean ones! Ta-daaaa!
It would pretty much be a really, really awesome place.  
What would you do if you were queen? 

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  1. Sooo I officially elect you as Queen! Now give me all the ice cream!!!


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