Lot 48: how to survive working life

January 9, 2014

how to survive working life

it can be really difficult adjusting from college to a full time job.  i know it took me a while to figure it out.  as Taran just graduated college and is going into real world, full time job life, it got me thinking about what I wish I had known when I started working.

  • you actually have to go to work.  in college, you  can skip class if you don't feel like it. you can take naps in the middle of the day. it's pretty great. but when you're alarm goes off in the morning, you actually have to go to work. you can't miss because you don't feel like it. this is pretty obvious, but you'd be surprised..
  • you can't take as many sick days.  in hand with the one above, you can't just not go to work because you have a stomach ache.  even if you have the flu, sometimes you have to go. and it is torture and absolutely awful going to work when you are sick, but you have to. especially if you have a lot to get done or you have a big event. 
  • you will soon realize college really didn't teach you as much.  im sure this isn't true for some majors, but with my major, i learned the most at the website development company i worked at my senior year of college.  i literally learned how to do 50% of my job there.  not in college.  some things i learned in college i don't use in my job (like video production and MATH!) the thing i use the most at work that i learned in college is writing.  and media law.   which leads me to my next point.
  • don't get rid of all your textbooks.  you may think you don't need them anymore, but let me tell you, you do need them! i wish i had kept my MLA textbook and my media law textbook.  There are many times i have needed to reference those. Because you really remembers everything they learned in college? Very few. And i am not included in that list.
  • you have no idea what you are doing.  work will expect you to know things and do things that you only have a little bit of knowledge in, and they will expect you to be an expert. at least that's the case for me.  I was in a meeting the other day giving a presentation and was asked a question and I just thought to myself "uhhhhh.....you are way overconfident with my knowledge on this topic." its scary! if you are expected to be an expert on a topic, become one! Research as much as possible so you won't freeze like I did!
  • make friends with other people in your field.  this is especially helpful.  when you don't know how to do something, you email your friend for tips or if they know how to do it.  this has saved my life so many times.  i am very lucky that i have made some really good contacts in the marketing world.  
  • take pride in your job.  especially if you hate your job.  surprisingly, if you hate your job but take pride in it and really work hard and come up with ways to do better, it makes you start to like your job! amazing! i don't know about you, but i need to be challenged and i need to have opportunities to learn in order to be happy with my job.  if my job isn't giving me those things, i find ways to give that to myself.  start a new program or campaign. brainstorm! learn! it makes work sooooooooo much more enjoyable.
  • make a friend at work.  you are going to need somebody to laugh with and complain to.  it makes work more fun.
  • take your lunch break and get out of the office.  taking your lunch break really breaks up your day and actually gives you a break.  this is incredibly necessary for me.  my lunch break is crucial for my sanity. i need my lunch break.  i need it.  to me, its not a lunch break if you don't get out of the office. and try not to take lunch meetings, it robs you of a break.
  • try not to schedule meetings all in one day.  (cough, 94 meetings episode parks and rec, cough cough) meetings are........ exciting....... sure....... so you don't want all that excitement in one day... i mean, geez. no really though, you will want to bang your head against a wall if you have meetings all day long. a few days ago at the end of the day, the CEO said to me "wow, today has just been one long meeting" and i could tell he wasn't happy about it. he literally had meetings back to back all day. it makes for a pretty rough day. 
  • watch a lot of the office.  it makes me feel better about working. its the adult blues isn't it? everybody suffers from it. working 8-5 (ps Taran thought work days were 8 hours including lunch. hahaha. no. you work 8 hours, get an hour for lunch. therefore its 9 hours. he got super disappointed when i told him that.) somehow, watching a lot of the office makes the american work day a lot easier to swallow.

take us out, mike 
His wisdom was natural.


  1. The Office just makes me feel better about life in general!! Love both the UK and US versions. :)

    1. i have never tried watching the British office! i should definitely give it a try! thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I'm studying strategic comm at the U. Where do you work?


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