Lot 48: happy birthday, darlin'

January 7, 2014

happy birthday, darlin'

WARNING: this is a suuuper sappy, mushy, cheezy post. if you would rather not gag today, best leave now.

happy happy birthday to my love!! despite the fact that i have known him for two years, this is the first time that i have been in his life on his birthday. and i am so happy that i finally get to give him the royal birthday treatment.  he isn't really into birthdays and never really does anything for them, so i am honoring his wishes and not going crazy. but... oh man... his present! guys, he is going to love it.  let's just say he has wanted this certain thing for a long time.  i can't wait to give it to him and see the look on his face.

taran, i really, really, really love you.  i am so happy that i found you. my life is so much better now that you're in it.  thank you for having late night dance parties with me even when you're tired.  thanks for doing my dishes and rubbing my feet when they hurt.  thanks for loving my nieces and nephews are much as i do.  thank you for your constant words of support and encouragement when times are hard.  thanks for being a really good kisser. ;) thank you for going to the gym with me even though you hate it. thank you for being so funny my stomach hurts from laughing.  thank you for loving tv as much as i do.  thank you for your outstanding faith in the gospel.  thank you for putting my needs before mine. thank you for giving me a thousand and one happy moments these past 10 months.  thank you for choosing me.  thanks for asking me out. thank you for making me happier than i have ever been.  thank you for asking me to marry you.  thank you for wanting to marry me.  thank you for loving me.  you know me completely and have seen the best and the worst and still love me somehow.  thanks for fighting when you were born 3 months early and weighed 3 pounds.  thanks for living even when every doctor told your parents you were going to die. thanks for being patient as you waited for our paths to cross. you are the love of my life. 
happy birthday.
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xoxo, lauren

ps. does anyone else think my eyes look like slits when i smile really big?

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