Lot 48: brian adams wrote "have you ever really loved a woman" for my mom

January 21, 2014

brian adams wrote "have you ever really loved a woman" for my mom

my mom called me last night and told me that she and my dad had been listening to a wedding song playlist on Pandora to help me figure out my wedding playlist and what song to dance to. she said they had been listening to it for a few hours.  she said "we are just having so much fun listening to all these romantic songs! what about this song? or this one?" and my dad said that it was like listening to Christmas music and my wedding was Christmas day. I love my parents.  they are so adorable and awesome. 
then my mom said "and Lauren, you KNOW what song you have to play at your wedding. i don't even have to say the title. Brian Adams." Of course! How could I not think of that!!!

Music was a very prominent feature in my childhood.  My family loves music.  We all sing and play instruments and my sisters and I would go around town singing at events together. We record albums.  My dad is a guitarist in a band. (if you follow my Instagram, you know that when I went home for my bridal shower, my dad wasn't home when I got there because he was playing a gig.)  And this isn't some garage band. They are good.  The band has been together for more than 10 years. They have an album.  They write their own songs.  My dad is good. Some of the best memories I have of my childhood include music. I was missing my mom the other day, so I started playing Simon & Garfunkel.  My mom would always play their greatest hits CD as she would drive me around the dance and piano and school.  She would pound the wheel and shake her hands to the beat and sing along.  Simon & Garfunkel has a special place in my heart. 

But anyway, about Brian Adams.....

Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman was played loudly over the speakers in our house for as long as I can remember.  My mom loooooves that song.  She started playing it when I was tiny and I remember watching her dance around the living room singing to it and then my dad would walk in and start dancing with her as dinner sizzled and cooked on the stove.  Those were my happiest childhood moments.  When I would be doing my homework at the kitchen counter and I could smell dinner cooking and I could hear the voices of my sisters and Brian Adams' voice filling our house and watching my parents dance. One day, my mom told me, "you know, Brian Adams wrote this song for me."  Remember that she started playing this song when I was small, so aghast, I responded "reallllllly???? but how do you know him?? you know someone famous???" my eyes were big and wide and my mouth agape because I just couldn't believe my mom knew someone famous! and that he wrote a song for her! 

In my naivety, I believed this "lie" for many years.  Finally I understood that my mom did not in fact know Brian Adams, but she simply felt the song was written for her she loved it so much.  Oh.  Okay.  That makes a lot more sense, Mom.

So last night as she brought up Brian Adams, and I reminded her of her little white lie, she laughed and said "oh yeah! I forgot I told you that! That song is just, like, drop down on the floor romantic.  It is just the most romantic song ever written."  

So...... maybe I've found the song Taran and I will dance to as husband and wife??  Let's test it out first.  I'm going to go dance with Taran now and then fall to the floor with the romanticism of it all.



  1. Ah you just pointed out another thing that I still have to tackle with wedding planning! I see yours is only 17 days away! That's amazing and you must be so excited :) I can't imagine mine being that close.

    1. having my wedding this close is a very strange feeling indeed! it is just now starting to feel real instead of like a dream! and yes, i am soooo excited! best of luck with your plans!

  2. it's so hard to choose a first dance song, at least it was for me! yay for being so close to the date!!

    1. what did you end up choosing? i am dying for suggestions?


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