Lot 48: January 2014

January 31, 2014

We're all just a little famous, aren't we??

When you think about it, we are all just a little bit famous, aren't we? 
Think about how many times your friend has told you a story about a friend of a friend and then you finally meet that person and you are like "oh my gosh! i feel like i am meeting a famous person!" and it's all very exciting. 

and also, with social media, everyone can see your posts if you hashtag it! i have random companies liking and following my Instagrams (mostly event planning companies liking my pictures with #engaged).  If I saw anyone from those companies on the street, they would (maybe) think, "wait a minute, how do I know her....". 

And with blogging! If I met anyone of you in real life, I would feel like I was meeting someone famous! Because isn't the definition of famous being known to someone who you don't know? (sourse: Lauren's Dictionary of Words and Stuff).  I think so! Whenever one of you comments, I get all excited, like Reese Witherspoon read my blog, because that's how famous to me you all are! I get really excited! 

So yes, we are all a little bit famous. You used to have to be in a movie or on TV or something to be famous, and now it is just so darn easy to be semi-famous.  

So for all you people who read my blog and I don't know you, thanks for making me feel famous.

And now.... lets talk about actual celebrities.

The celebrity I am just DYING to meet is....

I mean, duh.  But I feel like we wouldn't really be friends because I would be too intimidated.  This girl is on a whole 'nother level of awesome than I am, I just don't think I could keep up.

The celebrity who I am TERRIFIED of is..

Olivia Wilde just seems scary.  And crazy, because she divorced a prince.  Who does that? Just stick it out! You're a princess!  And why is she a lesbian in nearly every other role she plays? Weird.  ps. When I worked in Hollywood, a production company I was working for produced a movie she was in recently.  I saw her audition tape. She's a great actress, she just scares me.

The celebrity I just want to give a hug to is...


I like the Kardashians, okay? Don't judge me. Their show is the best comedy on television.  They are all just so crazy and spoiled, it's kind of hilarious. But I still like them. And I feel bad for Khloe.  Kind of.  I mean, she did marry Lamar after ONE MONTH of knowing him. They literally got married on the 1 month anniversary of meeting.  Sooooo.. when your husband turns out to be a drug addict and a cheater, I'm kind of not surprised she didn't know?? Because.... she didn't know him at all? But I still feel bad for her.  She posts sad things on her Instagram sometimes.  Anyway, I want to give her a hug. Because she is my favorite Kardashian. And I feel bad she is getting divorced.  

And the celebrity I am CERTAIN we would be best friends with is...

Anna Kendrick just seems so nice and sweet and FUN! I have read interviews of her and have read interviews where her friends talk about her, so I am just convinced.  She and I would be inseperable.  I just know it.

Which celebrity are you dying to meet/be friends with/run away from, etc?

xoxo, Lauren

January 28, 2014

sundance film festival 2014

Well! I finally made it! After 4+ years of living in Salt Lake City, I finally made it to the Sundance Film Festival! You all know my guilt over Sundance, so take comfort in the fact that I have guilt no more! So prepare yourselves for lots of blurry pictures as I am a horrible photographer and only use my iPhone for pictures! 

We headed out on Friday night, which was perfect as I had just been offered a new job earlier that day! So to Sundance we went to celebrate! 
ps. parking was way easier than I thought it would be....

^^blurry picture #1.  i took pictures of everything that had Sundance on it.^^

^^awesome party house that we couldn't get into.^^

^^more blurry pictures of just walking up Mainstreet.^^

^^there were at least three people on both sides of me taking the same picture that I was.  It's iconic!^^

^^It was time to celebrate.  We ate at my favorite Park City restaurant, The Eating Establishment. They have this beer bread this just, mmmmmmmmmmm...  Taran had only been to Park City once (?!?!?) but my family vacation there every other year.  I got a warm hot chocolate and we sat by the fire.  I didn't take a picture of my turkey dinner. (gasp!) ^^

After dinner, we headed down the street to check things out. There was some paparazzi waiting outside the theater, and they were saying a film was ending, but I didn't want to stand there and wait as the temperature was this:

^^So we kept walking and I took a picture of this sign, because, how could I not. Welcome to the west, folks.  My mom would have thought this was funny.^^

^^I obviously had to stop in the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, because, why wouldn't you?? There was a huge crowd and a huge line. Taran bought me a chocolate heart. Swoon.^^

^^My friend works the sound for all the Sundance events and so I texted him earlier that day to ask what was goin' on and what we should do.  He said we should go to the YouTube lounge where he was doing the sound and it was open to the public. Brilliant!^^

Now things get craaaazy.  When we arrived at the lounge, we learned we couldn't get in and that it was a VIP event for a screening of the new movie with Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler.  So, there was this stupid glass separating me from Amy Poehler.  So I texted my friend and asking him if he could get us in, and he came outside saying "it's not even cool in there" and asking who Amy Poehler was.  This is the same man who said to Phillip Seymour Hoffman earlier that week "how do I know you? You look so familiar." Phillip laughed at him and then walked outside into a SEA of paparazzi.  Then Shawn felt stupid.  So, let's just not waste our time getting annoyed that Shawn doesn't know who celebrities are, even when he is a few feet away from them. Whatever, Shawn.   

^^So here I am, on the outside looking in! It was torture!^^

^^Amy was so close!! So close!!  There were a bunch of us fans standing there pressing our noses against the glass taking pictures.  A girl who had been there for a while said Amy turned around and waved at people a while ago.  I knew she was nice! ^^

^^But as we were taking pictures, some random people who were inside came over and started taking pictures of US.  I think it was to make fun of us, annoy us, or show us how annoying we were being??^^

Shawn tried to get us in, but YouTube corporate was there and he was having trouble sweet talking Taran and I inside.  I made a HUGE mistake that I will regret for the rest of my life when Shawn asked me question in front of YouTube people that I answered wrong, and if I had only said the right thing, I could have gotten in! Ughh! FAIL! MAJOR FAIL!  But! The night was not over yet! Because...


We saw Max Greenfield, who plays Schmidt from New Girl inside! We were all freaking out! So there were about 10 of us (when I say "us" I mean, people who were standing next to me who  I did not know but I felt like I was bonding with because we were acting ridiculous together.) 

^^We were yelling and waving and he could clearly hear us, so then he came over and made faces at us! It was the best!!^^ 

^^aren't those faces the AWESOME-ST?? Oh Schmidt.  You just made my life.  What a nice guy he actually is!^^

^^Look how many of us are watching them! I told you there were a lot of us! Look at Taran leaning against the wall because he doesn't care or know who celebrities are. Ha.^^

^^As we were waiting, someone said "oh look! It's Colbie! I turned and there she was!^^

^^Shawn told me that Amy and all the other celebs would be coming out in 15 minutes. So we (I) decided to wait. My feet were so cold and numb, I took a picture of my feet to make sure they were still there.^^

^^I knew Shawn was right because these vans came up and paparazzi was organizing as well.  But then the WORST THING HAPPENED.  My phone TURNED OFF.  As I was taking a picture of the van, the "20% battery remaining" notification came up.  I took this picture and then the phone TURNED OFF. NOOOOOOOO!!  With a dead phone and freezing feet, I threw in the towel and we went home.^^

Once my phone had warmed up once we got in the car, I  got a text from Shawn saying that Amy was coming out. It was sent 5 minutes after we left. Another major fail!!!

Even though this Sundance experience wasn't the best and there were some major fails, at least I went! And I can be better prepared for next year.  There were not a lot of people there as it was the last weekend of the festival, but I was sick as a dog for the first weekend! So, next year, I will be sure to do it right!

Hope you had a lovely weekend as well!

xoxo, Lauren

January 27, 2014

Wanderlust Wednesday: The Royal Wedding

I was so glad that I got to be in London for the royal wedding.  It was so much fun! A couple of girls from my group were crazy.  They went to Buckingham Palace at midnight the night before and waited eleven hours to see Kate and Will ride by.  They were really close to all the action and made some awesome British friends that I became friends with as well! 

^^We didn't want to be in the huge crowds but still get the experience, so 8 of us and myself went across the street to Hyde Park to watch it.^^

^^There were huge screens set up.^^

^^And lots of people...^^

^^Who had lots of character...^^

^^And wanted to be brides....^^

^^And of course there were women in traditional British hats!^^

^^Everyone clapped and cheered and waved their flags when Will and Kate said "I will" during the ceremony. They also cheered when Kate and the Queen came on screen for the first time on their way to the church. You can kind of see them waving their flags.^^

^^I tried to get lots of pictures of the ceremony, but my camera wasn't cooperating with taking a picture of a screen. But the wedding was so nice and Kate looked so beautiful! I loved her dress.  I also think that the couple looked really relaxed and calm.^^

^^This is my favorite picture that I took. Kate looked so beautiful!^^

^^I can't believe they dated for seven years before they got engaged. I barely have had the patience to date Taran for a year.^^

^^In stores all around, they had replica rings.  I had to get one.  I still have it too!^^ 

^^My friends and I at Hyde Park.^^

^^My congratulations to the Bride and Groom picture.^^

^^I got a little tired walking back to our apartment.^^

After the ceremony, thousands of people went to Buckingham to see Will and Kate come out onto the balcony for  their first kiss.  But we went back to the apartment instead and watched it on the TV.  Crowds. Not my thing.

What would you have done?  Would you have gone to Buckingham Palace and waited all night long or gone to Hyde Park like I did?

xoxo, Lauren

January 24, 2014

if i was queen....

As you can see, I have some pretty legit experience being queen.  I'll write the story behind the crown as one of the last posts of my Wanderlust Monday series.  (ps that crown was heavvyyyyyy.  Literally, heavy is the head who wears the crown.)

So I was thinking about it the other day, what would I do if I was queen?? 
(disclaimer: I am fully aware of how ridiculous and naive this entire list is. And that you would hate me if you don't agree with some things on this list.)
  • there would be no asking of "how are you?" instead, people would greet each other by saying "my favorite color is red and i don't like cereal." or read the latest random fact from this tumblr.
  • there would be an END to any kind of talent/singing show of ANY KIND. haven't we had enough? no talent shows of any kind at any time, on tv or in real life. aren't we tired of this yet? 
  • Justin Bieber would be put DOWN.  down i tell you. and miley cyrus would be put in a cage where she was forced to dance in an empty room 24/7 where nobody could give her any attention. Guys, what would she do without attention.  And Demi Lovato would be made a mute, as would Jennifer Lopez and Anne Hathaway and Pitbull.
  • child stars would be required to work with a therapist from day one.  some seriously messed up child stars around who have grown into craaaaazy adults.  i'm talking to you, Justin Bieber and Amanda Bynes and Miley.  
  • there would be disney worlds in every state. and it would be affordable.  let all people enjoy the amazingness of Disney!
  • ice cream and donuts would not make you fat. because really, though, give us this one, universe.
  • everyone would be happy.  somehow, i would create a world where everyone is happy with things. And everyone is safe and well fed and no violence and such. Cause this is a realistic goal, yeah?  I thought so.
  • You would get a four day weekend once a month.  Cause weekends are much too short.
  • Dishes would do themselves. So there would always be clean ones! Ta-daaaa!
It would pretty much be a really, really awesome place.  
What would you do if you were queen? 

January 22, 2014

"married people, step it up."

i am getting super close to my wedding. and something that is really bothering me is that people keep telling me marriage is hard.  let me explain why this is annoying.

Mindy Kaling says it best in her book: "married people, step it up." she has an entire chapter about this and wrote about how this very thing is so annoying when people tell her marriage is hard. isn't it supposed to be great and happy as well? thanks Mindy.  let's be friends.

 it's like preparing for a test and you don't know what it's on, you only know the subject of the test. but all this "marriage is hard" business is starting to freak me out. "why aren't you wishing me happiness and blessings like a normal person?" somebody is still upsetttttttt about their divorce. 

lets quote Mindy one more time..


Well said. Alright then. 16 days.