Lot 48: January 2013

January 25, 2013

On being done with school forever

I realized i didnt post anything at all when i graduated college! how rude of me. Being done with college is awesome. The most awesome thing to ever happen. Almost.

In December, my Facebook and Instagram was filled with people stressed out about finals and school and tests, oh my!! And I was in the Bahamas during finals week. MUAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA suckaz! This filled me with such joy I can't even explain.

It is so beautiful and wonderful and magical that I go to work from 8-5, go home and get to do whatever I want!!! Go to a movie with my friends on a weekday? Why not? I don't have homework! Actually have time to read books for pleasure! Of course! I have no homework! Feel the need to write a script because I have have time to read The Hollywood Reporter and am pumped with inspiration? Lets do it!!! I have no homework!

I am also starting to volunteer at a women's shelter and also a writing center. I start my training next week!! I'm really excited and am happy that I am going to serve others and stop thinking of myself. What a blessed thing service is. And I have time to do it!! Because you know what? I HAVE NO HOMEWORK!!

I am extremely glad I had the major that I did. A media communications major is such a marketable thing and is so useful. It was tough to job hunt for 2 months, but I was very blessed it wasn't longer than that. I have a lot of friends who graduated a year ago and are still looking. I am sooooooooooooooooooo glad I changed my major to Communications. For so many reasons.

I feel as though I am detoxing from school. In retrospect, school is hard. Really hard. It was stressful and busy and stressful and my brain wanted to implode and confirmed my suspicion that I do not really like school. Confirmed. I'm so glad school is over. That last semester was the hardest of my college career because I had that class of death for my last math credit. Hardest class of my life. Full time school filled with the hardest classes+full time job=Lauren crying daily and not sleeping very well and hating her life. Not enjoyable.

In that last semester, there were moments when I literally thought I was going to flunk and wouldn't be able to graduate until December. Hardest semester ever. I thought about quitting every day and dropping out and saying "it's just a piece of paper. Why do I need it?" But I was so close!! Must finish!!! And I did!!! I remember the moment vividly when I submitted my last assignment for my last class of my college career ever. My huge elephant friends that had been chillin out on my chest all summer went back to Africa and I could BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I. was. free. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! It was literally one of the most joyous moments of my life. Literally. Needless to say, I did have a dance party in my room by myself that night. Heck yes I did. And then I went to the Bahamas a few months later as my present/congratulations/youneverhavetowriteapaperagain/youdidit celebration and then THAT was one of the most joyous moments of my life.

Life is better with a college degree. You get paid more, life is better, it's usually less stressful, you get paid more, you have time to enjoy life, did I mention you get paid more? Life is better with that college degree. It just is, in so many ways.

I loved college, mostly for the "we are young and sprightly and let's party until we are dead and we have our whole lives ahead of us" aspect of it. I did also really enjoy a lot of the academics and a lot of my classes. But I don't miss college. I like where I'm at and I like my grown up job. I'm so glad I have that piece of paper that says in fancy type that i have a Bachelors of Arts. That piece of paper was totally worth it. Every bit of stress and headache and boring class and the social life i had and all the experiences i had in college, i am so grateful for every single one. I am so glad I graduated.

January 24, 2013

Prayers Are Answered

I graduated from college in August.  I was working for a web development firm as a manager.  I had been working for them since January and was getting a lot of really good experience.  I was very blessed to have that job and am very grateful for that experience.  I managed 6 accounts and maintained those clients websites with coding in HTML and CSS and also designed a little bit.  I also was the intern recruiter for the company and was in charge of hiring interns.  It was a fantastic opportunity and looked amazingly awesome on my resume.  Who gets to say they had that much responsibility and experience before they even graduated college?

But I had graduated and it was time to get a new job.  I looked for a month with no luck.  My salary was very small.  I racked up a lot of debt during that time because I wasn't making enough to live on.  I got a waitressing job after a month of applying for "big girl" jobs because I needed the money.  Working two jobs was completely exhausting.  I was so tired and wasn't really sleeping because I was over tired.  And I hated that I was a waitress again.  When I graduated, I rejoiced that I had a college degree and never had to work at a restaurant again.  I kept applying for jobs and kept getting rejected.  I would get a rejection email and go into the bathroom and cry.  Over and over I got rejected.  I wanted to move to NYC or maybe Seattle and was applying for a ton of jobs there.  I applied for a ton of jobs here.  I had work experience, I had skills, I was fully qualified, but I wasn't getting interviews, I didn't understand.  I applied for 60+ jobs.  I got really really tired of writing cover letters and filling out the same application over and over again.  And I was especially tired of getting rejected.

So I prayed.  I prayed hard and long.  I begged and pleaded with my Lord in Heaven to help me get a new job.  I pleaded and prayed multiple times a day.  "Please Lord, please, help me get a new job.  Please Lord, please I am begging thee, help me get a new job."  I did this multiple times a day.  After two months of job hunting and feeling like I was worthless from all the rejection and so much exhaustion and worry and frustration, I got a call from one of my clients.  He called my boss and asked for me but I wasn't in.  We played phone tag for a few days and kept missing each other.  He kept calling my boss looking for me but I always seemed to be out.  Finally, we got in touch and, thinking he needed something or there was a problem with his website, I was really surprised when he said "hey, we have some job openings, Communications Director and COO. Is that something you would be interested in?"  I was shocked.  Trying not to sound too excited or elated, I said "yes.  yes, that really is."  Then he said "okay, send me your resume and we will talk."  It was awkward when I hung up the phone later and my boss said "was that ____?  What did he want?" I wasn't going to say "he wants me to apply for a job there" so I just said "he just needed something, don't worry about it."

I oddly got two interviews with for some jobs I had applied for after that call.  I was really close to getting one of them and I was really excited about it, until the company changed their mind and said they couldn't hire anyone at this time.  Lame.

Two weeks later, I went to meet with my client to discuss the job opportunity.  I wanted the COO job because it paid more, but he said "Lauren, that job is a pain in the neck.  You don't want that job.  I think you will be happier as Communications Director."  The meeting wasn't an interview like I thought it would be.  He didn't ask me questions or anything.  He just said he wanted me to work for him.  I asked what the salary was and he said "I was paying _____ $____ but I'll pay you more.  And keep in mind, ____ has had a couple of raises."  I said "okay, I'm fine with that number." and then he said "can you start on Monday?" and I just asked him to give me a week at my job to wrap things up.  I went to work, walked into my boss' office and quit.  I started a week later and quit my watiressing job two weeks later.  

Prayers are answered, folks.  Hard work and doing a good job makes things happen.  The Lord answered my prayers.  My many, many, many prayers.  The Lord loves me and looks out  for me.  He was listening and He answered.  Prayers are always answered.  Always.

And the best part is, He helped me get a job that I really, really love.

January 19, 2013

Things that make me happy

Trashy magazines (People, Us Weekly, Star, etc)
Watching "The Bachelor"with my roommates on Monday nights. Soooooo much fun to hard core tease and make fun of that show. Best comedy on television.
Cute clothes
Red lipstick
Skinny jeans
Kanye West
Having fun with my friends
Having dance parties in my room by myself
Funny YouTube videos
Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It's like Discovery channel for me. Trying to understand the lives of selfish, bratty, selfish, mean, wealthy people. Highly entertaining.
Letters from my best friend, who is serving an LDS mission in Taiwan. 15 months until she comes home!!
Free food
Maroon 5
Space heaters
Painted nails
Sleeping in
Traveling (must go to Australia, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Switzerland, and Africa. Also must visit San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, New Orleans and Philadelphia.)
Donuts (with milk)
New episodes of my favorite tv shows

What are some things that make you happy?

January 16, 2013

I WILL BE their favorite aunt

My sister is pregnant, and she just found out she is having a GIRL!!! I am so excited!! I cannot wait to meet my little niece.

I love having nieces. The main reason is because I love sharing girly things with them. I am also confident that we will have things in common and I know how to relate to them. I love buying my little niece Avery clothes and helping getting her dressed. I love her little bows and skirts and dresses and pink things. I love that my mom got her a Christmas outfit that was a tutu. I love the way she purses her lips and immediately and always gives you a big grin back at me if I smile at her.
I can't wait until she is a little older and she understands princesses and tea parties. I can't wait to go to the Disney store and buy her princess dresses and buy her dolls and sit around a table that is too small for me and drink out of empty tea cups with honored guests of dolls and stuffed animals. I can't wait to do all of this with Avery. And I can't wait to do this with my little unborn niece and any other nieces I may have. I will be their favorite. Because I will spoil them more than their parents and I will sneak them treats and I will give them advice about boys and they will share their secrets with me that they wouldn't dare tell their mothers. I will be the cool aunt and we will be best friends. Best, best friends. And we will have sleepovers and ice cream for breakfast and I will teach them how to be strong, independent women and will teach them everything I wish someone had told me.

I love having nephews. I love their love of trucks and cars and explosions and that they already somehow think farting is funny. I love that my nephew's favorite book is "Good Night Construction Site" and that he lines up his cars in a perfect row just so be can take his excavator toy and crash it into his line of cars. I love that he loves to play outside and hang from his daddy's pull up bar and stares at me for approval with a look on his face that says "look how strong I am!" I love that he loves to be chased and picked up and thrown on the bed. I love that he loves to crawl under furniture and hide and that he squeals when I "find him." And most of all, I love that he understands who I am now and asks to see me and grins when I walk in the room. I love that he says my name and asks me to play with him ("let's play cars, Aunt Lauren!") We Are best buds and I couldn't be happier about it.

i love that my other nephew loves his doggie Scout and also loves cars and trucks and loves to play outside. I love his squeal and I love his giggle. I love that when he smiles, he looks just like my sister. I love how curious he is and I love his constant question, "what's that?" I love how fantastically pink and rosy his cheeks get when he plays and how quickly and easily his cheeks turn pink.  And most of all, I love how he puts his index and middle finger in his mouth.  All the time.

I love my baby nephew and how calm he is. I love his FAT cheeks and his HUGELY chubby thighs. I love his big brown eyes and that when he looks at you, you feel he is looking into your soul. I love his small little hands and that he lets me hold them. I love his big, fat and happy smiles. I love his low maintenance and that he is such a calm, good baby. He is just a fat, squishy, sweet, smiley little bundle of baby. And my oh my how I love him.

I love my babies. They are my light and my joy. All I have to do is think of their cute little faces and everything is better. Some babies are ugly. Some babies smell. Some babies are annoying. But mine aren't. They are perfect. Absolutely perfect in every way. And I WILL BE their favorite aunt. And I WILL BE their best friend.

January 3, 2013


Lets discuss feminism for a moment.

I have come to the realization that I been blind my whole life.  I really wasn't aware that there were people who think women are inferior to men and think they are less intelligent/capable/respectable, etc. I wasn't aware of this. I have never felt anyone around me felt this way. Or I just never noticed.

I have three sisters and my dad and mom raised us to believe we can accomplish anything and do anything we choose. My sisters are intelligent and accomplished and have all had very successful careers, as have I. My sisters were the breadwinners while their husbands went to school and one is a microbiologist (I'm not even going to pretend I know what that involves), the other a big shot business woman and the other was such a good paralegal that her boss relentlessly encouraged her to go to law school. My mom was a nurse my aunt was a nurse my cousin is a nurse, my best friend is an accountant. All my sisters' husbands are supportive of my sisters' careers and treat them as the intellectual and capable women that they are.  My dad treats my mom this way, my brothers in law treat my sisters that way, so how was I to know that there were guys out there who didn't treat women this way?  I guess that was naiive of me.  I am just surrounded by, and have always been surrounded by, intelligent and successful women who are treated as intelligent and successful that it never occurred to me that anyone would ever think we aren't as capable as men.

At work, we have a Women In Business organization with a sole purpose of promoting and encouraging women in the workplace. A member of that organization was helping me pick out pictures to put on a banner and after we had picked out a few, she said "let's get some pictures of women on there." Huh. That didn't even occur to me. I didn't notice the pictures I chose were all of men. I seriously didn't even notice. At all.

When I worked in Los Angeles in the entertainment industry, I was surrounded by successful women as well.  It was a pretty equal men to women ratio.  At the web development firm I worked at this past year, management was made up of mostly women, myself included.   It wasn't until my girlfriends shared stories with me about comments men have made regarding their abilities that I realized this is a problem for some people.  That some women do feel belittled and inferior to men.  I've never really thought about it and I kind of feel bad that I haven't.  I feel I have a responsibility as a woman to stand up for other women and do what I can to ensure that we are all treated equally.  So I guess I should start paying more attention.

To be honest, when someone would tell me a story about a comment some guy made or something that happened at work or school to make them feel inferior, I would always think "oh, you're overreacting.  That doesn't happen.  This is 2013, not 1920."  And I would get kind of annoyed by these women who were complaining that men didn't treat them the same or give them the same opportunities.  I would just kind of think "everybody knows we are as equally awesome as men.  Why are you complaining about something that isn't an issue?"  But then I decided to stop getting annoyed and actually listen.  And I saw they had a point.  I have never experienced this feeling of inferiority so I don't really understand, but I am going to make a goal to be more aware and stop cringing every time a woman tells a story of how she feels a man treated her unfairly because she is a woman.

What are your thoughts?