Lot 48: we were all together

December 12, 2013

we were all together

you probably won't care about this post, its mostly for my purposes for when i'm homesick years to come i can look back at this and remember what a lovely weekend it was. to preface, you can read all about what i was excited for this thanksgiving.
so i give you (me?) thanksgiving 2013

there are numerous pictures of taran with babies because i just can't help it. i was soooo happy to see london. i missed her so much. she is ADORABLE. i can't believe how in love with her i am.

the sunday before thanksgiving, we gathered with a lot  of family to bless london.  most religions do some type of christening or baptism or something when a baby is born, and what lds members do is we bless the baby a few months after they are born.  a priesthood holder (usually the father of a family member) gives the baby a blessing for the child to be happy and healthy throughout it's life.  it is very special and sacred.  you can see little london in her white dress.  priesthood holders gather in a circle and all place their hands on the baby's head.  london started fussing half way through her blessing but quickly stopped.  taran told me that when she started crying he and my brother in law started smiling at her and then she was fine. i think she was just scared, there were a lot of people around her.

a few days later, we were off to saint george for thanksgiving!!!!

my sister found these turkeys on pinterest.  we made them as a snack to tide us over until the feast.  aren't they cute? a fruit turkey and a cheese turkey.

so, my dad has this "application to date my daughter" that he has all our boyfriends fill out.  when taran and i first started dating, he offered to fill it out, but my dad said he didn't need to. but over the weekend, my dad decided he wanted taran to fill it out. which is strange, since we are engaged now and the appropriate time to fill it out has way past.  but let me just say, this application is a joke.  read the questions.  they are silly. my favorite is "do you own a van" and "a truck with oversized tires?" hahahaha, the van one in reference to if there is a trunk where we can lie down in. cracks me up.

more pictures of london because i can't help it.  her daddy was holding her and then fell asleep and she just contently entertained herself and did not make a peep while her daddy slept.  ps. of course scooter (my brother in law, man in photo, wife to oldest sister jessica, father of lincoln and london) is tired.  this guy just finished med school in the summer and is now finishing up his MBA.  yes, he is in second year of MBA and just graduated med school, so he was in med school and MBA school at the same time. he also has 3 bachelor's degrees and a masters in diagnostic imaging from Oxford University.  He is also currently getting his masters in public health care.  so he will have 3 bachelors degrees, 3 masters degrees and a md by the time he is done. he is craaaaazy and really really smart.

this is the house i grew up in.  and its for sale. and it makes me cry uncontrollably every time i think about it.

my our family has grown!  we have 12 adults now and 5 babies!  with my parents, sisters, husbands, and my grandparents, we had to have two tables!

oh hey, good lookin'

you will remember i mentioned the turkey contest in the previous post.  here are my parents holding the prize money. the winners were:
1st place: my sister rachelle. she guessed the weight of the turkey within a very hundredths.
2nd place: my man! taran! good job babe!
3rd place: Scooter, the crazy smart guy mentioned above. (ps. no that's not his real name, his real name is robert. long story)
i guessed waaaaay off.

baby girl has STYLE. 

the next day, taran and i watched the littles while my sister and husband went shopping.  oliver was sooooo snuggly and it was heavenly.  something was going on, because he would just be standing there and just start crying. really weird.  its probably because he's teething.  but i was happy for the snuggles.

i told you there would be a lot of these pictures, didn't i?

babies playing in the leaves.

and now i present, avery the model

she is so adorable. and man does that girl have STYLE. i want to be just like her when i grow up.

the next day, we went to this super cool interactive museum.  i was impressed! and it was new! way to go, hometown! so now... some blurry pictures because i am horrible at taking photos!

they had a room where you learned about farming and got to milk a cow and drive a tractor and use play food to put in the oven and everything. it was adorable. eli and oliver (brothers) driving the tractor.  

then they had a room where you could learn about music and the radio and stuff.  avery is such a little attention seeker so we put her on stage 

and then they started playing katy perry's ROAR so a whole bunch of other kids went up there.  it was adorable. ah.  so cute.  and consiquently, all the babies now sing the "oh oh oh oh oh oh" part in the song. especially Oliver, because he is very musical.

i mean look at him, he looks like a rockstar already.  there was a room where you could learn about government so i made him sit still and put this hat on him so i could take a picture.  you sit at that desk and sign the declaration of independence.

my dad recently got his pilot's license and has a plane and it is his boy hood dream realized.  so when i saw there was a room where the kids learn about the airport, i knew my dad would love it as much as the kids.  and he did! he sat up there and they had a pilot's hat the kids could put on so Eli sat in the front seat and my dad watched him "fly the plane". i think it was his proudest moment as a grandpa.  

they even had a fake security check and luggage.  oliver and lincoln decided to put the luggage in the compartment.

and eli wanted to learn about cars.  

and then, naturally, when my sister saw that she could put Eli in this outfit, in the outfit he went. 

he makes such a cute fireman, yes?

they had a room where you learned about princesses and castles and stuff, so naturally i went to the top of the "castle" and called out "romeo, romeo, where art thou romeo" while taran stood at the bottom and said "im here my love! i come forth hence!" (might i say that whole thing was HIS idea)

blurry picture, true statement

the princess room had this painted on the wall as well as dresses that girls could put on to pretend to be princesses.  since they wouldn't fit me, i had to live vicariously through a toddler right? so i ran and grabbed avery and put her in a dress.  she wasn't interested.  she wanted to take it off.  and then she ran into the prince's room and put on the armor and grabbed a sword and swished it around. just like her mother. i'm telling you now and i told you the day she was born, avery is just like my sister.

and that's it folks! whew! what a post, yeah? thanks for bearing with me! 

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