Lot 48: shocking(!) things you don't know about me

December 26, 2013

shocking(!) things you don't know about me

i hope you all had a very merry Christmas!

Taran got me this beautiful necklace

and my mother in law made me this amazing quilt.

Let's get back to real life now, yeah?
  • i don't like cheese. given all the weird looks i get when i tell people this, i think i should just say that i am lactose intolerant.
  • i got a crazy amount of ingrown toenails when i was a dancer and had surgery to remove them several times. as a result, both my big toes, mainly my left one, falls off frequently. about once a year. so i am usually without a toenail. i had just grown back my left one when taran bumped into me in august and ripped it off.  
  • i didn't go to the University of Utah for all four year of college, i went to Southern Utah University for my freshman year.
  • I switched majors in college. At SUU, i was a theater major but at the U i was a communications major.
  • i have totaled two cars.  the first one was when i was 17 and it was my fault.  the second one was not my fault and was in January.  it was a blizzard and the driver behind me lost control and rear ended me. i got serious whiplash.
  • i have more speeding tickets than i care to let you know about!
  • i have never moved into an apartment with roommates that i know. i have always lived with strangers who i have turned into my friends!
  • i was a huge homebody growing up. i couldn't even go to sleepovers or camp because i would get so homesick.
  • i was student of the month in middle school.
  • i have the weirdest dreams. 5 out of 7 of the nights they are nightmares. (on Christmas eve i had 4 nightmares rolled into one!)
  • i am always cold. i am so cold at work that i broke down and bought a space heater that i have under my desk. it is on all day and is lovely.
  • i absolutely cannot wait to have babies.
  • i have been to disneyworld more time than i have been to disneyland.
  • i was once a hannah montana impersonator.
  • i designed my wedding ring.
  • a few years ago my parents had a foreign exchange student live with them. he is from spain and speaks 4 languages (spanish, basque, french, english) and is the most amazing kid in the world (truly!) his name is jon and i refer to him as my brother. hes in college now and i can't believe it.
  • i really, really hate cats.
  • my hobby is target shooting. i love it. my preferred gun is a 22 rifle. on taran and i's second date, we went to a shooting range. we did about the same but i like to say that i won because his gun had a scope and mine didn't. i like going on dates to shooting ranges. usually i beat the guy and then he gets mopey. but one time i went with a guy and it was his first time but he did much better than me. we didn't go out after that.
  • im a horrible loser. taran isn't allowed to win when we play games. its a problem.
  • i had a big golden retriever from the ages of 7-14. he was our Christmas present and was in a stocking wearing a Santa hat! Best Christmas present ever.  His name was Maxwell Boroughguard. I miss him and Taran and I have decided we are going to get a big golden retriever and name his Max. He was the best dog in the world.  He was protective and adventurous.  We had a cabin and when we would hike, he would walk ahead of everyone to check things out and make sure everything was safe. if we  got too far behind, he would stop and wait for us. in the winter, he would dive into the river behind our cabin, even though it was freezing. he just loved to play. and he would bark at fireworks and try to eat them. our backyard has a hill and he would stand at the top with his shoulders back and overlook his kingdom. he liked to chase rabbits and tried to kill every cat he saw (good boy.)
lovely. now you know all sorts of things about me.
xoxo, lauren

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