Lot 48: if you could live anywhere....

December 30, 2013

if you could live anywhere....

do you ever daydream about where you could live?

i am fascinated by europe and want to live there and travel every inch of it.
this girl lives in wales, this girl lives in a villagle in France with her husband, this girl lives in germany, this girl lives in korea and so does this girl. and they all get to travel everywhere! or even this boston blogger or this one (i looooove the east coast.)
it's all making me pretty jealous, you know?

so i have been thinking about where i would live if i could live anywhere.  paris, chicago and san fransisco are the top three.  
^^i went to Paris when i was 10 with my family. i would love to go back! (i love reading about the life of this lovely blogger who goes to college in Paris)^^
^^photo courtesy of my brother in law Brad who was in Chicago a few weeks ago.  (a few of my favorite chicago bloggers for your reading pleasure.)^^

^^"What ever happend to predictability? The milk man, the paper boy, evening T.V..."(if you don't know that's the Full House theme song, shame on you!)^^

but the city that takes the cake is NYC!  don't even get me started on these new york bloggers. i really admire (cough cough, jealous) of these bloggers.  but i have always wanted to live there! i have been to NYC once, a few months after 9-11 when I was 11, i went with my parents and sister.  but i am sure that i will never end up living there.  there aren't many biomedical engineering companies in NYC for Taran.  And I have looked! but i know that NYC is a really hard place to live and very expensive. but maybe i can go and visit someday? and try not to look like a tourist. haha.  

where would you like to live if you could live anywhere?

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  1. I love the idea of living in Paris, and New York! San Francisco is pretty beautiful but I have to say it can be pretty gloomy and gray. Who am I to talk though I live in the gloomiest gray city of them all!


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