Lot 48: christmas presents i want to buy for myself

December 20, 2013

christmas presents i want to buy for myself

im really smart, guys. so naturally, i don't really think about what i want for Christmas until about a week before.  (smart, yeah?) so since I am just now thinking about these things, and everyone has already gotten their presents for me (taran got me my presents weeks ago! talk about on top of it!) it is up to me to fulfill my Christmas wishes. and so!

//a daily frustration for me is that when i put my gloves on, i can't use my phone! infuriating! i tell ya.  but these gloves allow you to use your phone while wearing the gloves! technology!
// "some kind of wonderful."  i have only seen this movie once, while in high school.  this movie keeps popping into my mind, and i really want it! such a classic.
// pillow pet! my roommate had one of these and it looked sooooo comfy.  i just want to snuggle up with it! i actually am having a hard time buying it online, but i think i saw some at costco...
// "you've got mail".  it really is a disgrace that i don't own this movie. this must be fixed. (ps. today is the 15 year anniversary of the film!)
in addition...
// a change of hair color.  i am tired of being blonde.  i am all natural hair color now and it is kind of drab. but i don't want to highlight it, i want something different.  i am thinking dark red. i think that would be fun. but i don't want to drastically change my hair so close to my wedding, so i will wait until after my wedding to make a change.
// did you know there is a police scanner app? downloading that now.

what do you want for Christmas?


  1. I want the iphone friendly gloves! I'm going to get some, I just have to get to the store at some point. They'd be so handy!

    1. my little sister surprised me yesterday with the gloves! love them!


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