Lot 48: careers i could have chosen

December 23, 2013

careers i could have chosen

I read this post a little while ago, and it got me thinking, if I could do it all over again, what would I like to be? if i could do it all over again or if it was just a dream world, what would i like to be??

// maybe i have been watching grey's anatomy too much lately, but i think i would have liked to be a doctor. but i only think that when i am watching grey's or house.  too much studying. too much school. never mind, i don't want to be a doctor. (ps. if you want to read a blog of a really cool air force officer/er doctor, click here! she's awesome and is like a real life meredith grey but more awesome!)
// fbi agent. i considered this for a while. i even gave the CIA even more consideration, but they rejected me... anywho, so i thought the fbi would be a good choice. but don't speak any other languages and i didn't have the right college degree. and i am definitely not hard core enough. my cousin is in the fbi. he is hard core enough for sure. (picture is lizzie on the blacklist. absolutely obsessed with that show. watch it now.)
// yes, that's ally mcbeal. i only watched a few episodes of that show, it was really weird.  and too smart. i don't understand lawyer stuff. but i did think about being a lawyer. i think i would be a good lawyer. and politics and the law interest me. but law school sounds hard. so... never mind.
// if my mother is reading this, she is going to laugh at this one. (that's olivia polermo, fashionist extraordinarre.) the world of fashion fascinates me and interests me.  i have always secretly wanted to be an 'Elle girl' or be a buyer or sacks (or is it sachs?) or whatever. it just sounds so fun. but i am not fashionable in the slightest.
// a makeup artist. it really is an art.  and it fascinates me how all that gunk can make you look and feel beautiful is applied correctly.  i wish i had artistic painting talent, but sadly, i don't. this is close. you're painting a face, right? and if you're really good, you can do makeup on celebrities!
// nurse.  (disclaimer, i have never seen nurse jackie.  but i assume its about nurses?) but i thought that since a nurse doesn't take as long as being a doctor and my mom was a nurse and my cousin is a nurse and my aunt was a nurse, it must run in the family, yeah? but, i've already graduated as not a nurse, so... never mind.
// cop.  i actually started training for the physical test to be a cop and talking to a girl who was in the academy to ask advice, but after a while, i realized it wasn't for me.  but i still have a secret wish that i was kate beckett. i looked into the physical test to be in the nypd, and ohhhhhhh mannnnnn. that test is TOUGH.  its kind of an obstacle course situation where you have to climb a flight of stairs while carrying a 100 pound (i don't think it is really 100, i just don't remember) dummy on your back and then shoot at a target and run a certain distance all under xx amount of minutes. it is intense.  so... nypd, you are clearly new york's finest.

but i am none of  these things and never will be, so i'll just stick to marketing. designing ads, managing websites, writing press releases, managing social media. ill just stick to that.

what career would you choose if you could do it all over again?


  1. Haha I definitely would not have chosen lawyer, I'll tell you that! It's not at all what you think it'll be. I think I'd have chosen party/wedding planner. Or dog cuddler, is that a career?

    1. dog cuddler should definitely be a career! i'm sure you would be great at it as hawkeye is so cute!

  2. We are a lot alike! I took the test to become a cop too.


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