Lot 48: bah hum bug

December 13, 2013

bah hum bug

everybody is talking about how much they love christmas and how it is their favorite time of year! and there is so much excitement around! kuzahh!  but honestly, i have never really been into Christmas all that much.  it is a great time of year. i like the lights, i like that when i come out of my office, the theater looks like this

but really, it all mostly bothers me.  Christmas is so material and superficial to me.  presents is not what it's about.  i hate seeing all the commercials and all the "discounts! deals! steals! presents! gifts!" i just hate all of that.  can you honestly tell me if you even still use the presents you got for Christmas last year? unless its an ipad or phone or something, are you even using it? Christmas to me is just such a waste of money.  buying presents is not what its about.  this is what its about.  the lds church has a Christmas devotional every year, broadcast on television and the internet to talk about the true meaning of Christmas.  I love it.  
Why do people keep saying "get in the holiday spirit" or "in the spirit of Christmas"....."let's be nice to this person we normally wouldn't be nice to, or give to the needy like we never do."  why don't you do that all year long? why is Christmas the only time in the year when you are a nice and good person?

Christmas is not about gifts. it is not about presents.  it is not about Christmas trees or cookies.  none of this matters.  Christmas is about CHRIST, the Savior of the World.  The Only Begotten Son, The Messiah, The King of all Kings.  It irks me to my very core when anyone refers to Christmas as "xmas".  Why would you x out the most important and crucial part of the holiday?  Without Christ, there wouldn't be a Christmas.  Why would anyone x out his name?  I find it so disrespectful.  some people do it because they don't have room to write out the whole word but i don't care.  you should never x out Christ's name.  
this year will be the first time i am not with my family on Christmas, and i am kind of nervous.  but it will be good and i adore Taran's family and am excited to spend Christmas with them.  and best of all, there have been traditions that i have been itching to start that will focus the celebration on the CHRIST portion (aka what should be the entire portion) of Christmas.  Taran and I are going to start these new traditions this year and I am so excited.  
i asked Taran if we were going to get presents for each other because i didn't know if we wanted to save money for the honeymoon and not get presents but Taran was aghast when I brought it up.  "What?  of course we are getting each other presents! its our first Christmas together! Of course we are!"  a few days later i told him some things i would like and he was acting weird when I suggested stuff and so i said "what, did you already buy my present?" and he had.  who is that proactive that they buy they presents two weeks before?  I always end up going shopping for them on the 23rd.  maybe its because i dislike the whole present situation so i put it off, i don't know.  and you know, just so we're clear, of course i don't mind getting presents..... ;) but in terms of presents for those i love, i prefer to make them. or get them something really unique.

anywho, time to get off my soapbox and tell you about some fun Christmas things I have enjoyed!  my mom came into town so we could go wedding dress shopping. (ps. i have found the absolute perrrrrfect dress).  while she was in town, with my sister and her two kids in tow, we went to temple square (remember that i live in Salt Lake City, Utah and the temple is a major tourist destination so it is all decked out in gorgeous lights for the season)to the festival of trees!

i love the reflecting pool

this kid.  man.  lincoln and eli are about a year apart in age and are partners in crime.  they ran around the temple grounds trying to get in as much trouble as possible.  it was like herding sheep trying to get them into one place.  i was trying to catch them and eli looked back at me with a mischievous grin and ran faster.  he knew exactly what he was doing.  so at the end of the night, taran just ended up carrying him as it was the only way to stop him from running away.

oh my baby girl! look at her!! can you even believe how cute she is! i just don't know what to do with myself! that hat!  that snowsuit! i mean, really.

it was really cold guys.  

and now we move onto the festival of trees.  

this was my favorite tree, of course, decked out in my alma mater.  GO UTES! 

mickey's house!

despicable me house! don't you just love it?

this was a house made entirely out of candy and it was so large that it actually rotated.  it was legit. 
the kids also sat on santa's lap but i didn't take pictures. i was too busy making funny faces so they would smile at the camera.  this also all happened on my lunch break as the festival was next door to my office.

so this was Christmas stuff that I like, I would just like it if we remember this is all because Jesus Christ was born, yeah?

xoxo, lauren

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