Lot 48: halloween

November 6, 2013


remember this post? well after much deliberation, we decided to be Gatsby and Daisy.

We went to bountiful to trick or treat with two of sisters and their kids, along with my aunt and uncle and my grandparents. it was a paaaarrtaaay. Eli and Oliver were Buzz and Woody and miss Avery was a strawberry (her mama was a farmer).

trick or treat!

Candy please?

Rad house.  That was the entry way.

The kids were soooooo hyper.  They were bouncing off the walls.  especially ollie, he was very hyper and he is usually the strong and silent type. but he was sure excited about life.

i love this picture. oh my heart.

the boys were kind enough to lick to door as a goodbye as we left.

hope you had a spooky and sugar filled day as well! 

xoxo, lauren

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