Lot 48: November 2013

November 21, 2013

that thankful day

friends! thanksgiving is in ooooooonnnnnnneeeeeeee wwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk!!!!!!
who is as stoked as i am? i am stoked for the following reasons.
1. MY SISTER IS COMING! my oldest sister who lives in kansas city is coming into town on SATURDAY and i can't wait! I miss her and her littles soooo much! i haven't seen lincoln and london since August and i miss them so much! i can't wait to kiss their cheeks all day long.
2. the whole family will be together! and that now includes taran! i can't wait for us all to be together for 5 days and that taran will be there the entire time.
3. the feast. (obvi).
4. we made it! truthfully, taran and i are not a fan of being engaged. we are not a fan of waiting to get married. i will have been engaged for one month this saturday, and i feel like i have been engaged for at least  three months.  february 8 is coming soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sssssssssssllllllllllloooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwlllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy.  taran and i made a deal to think of our engagement in small pieces of time. the deal goes, "let's just make it to halloween, and then thanksgiving, and then Christmas, and then we can for sure make it to our wedding." so when i say "we made it!" i mean, "we made it to mark 2!" exciting stuff. but Christmas to wedding seems like a long stretch. maybe we should add MLK day in there as another mark?? (hehe). these marks make this whole waiting thing easier. i use this technique when i drive home, to break up the 300 miles (just get to provo, then nephi, then fillmore, then beaver, then cedar, then HOME!) and it makes the drive go by a lot faster. sooooooooo, one week until mark 2! hooray!

in other news, lets discuss traditions.
every family has their own traditions, and my family does the best ones, obviously.
  • we go to a movie on thanksgiving day.  we don't have pie until after the movie.
  • lion naps.  we eat at the dining room table and our living room is right behind the table with big open space.  after we are done eating, my dad is first to go to the living room and lay on the floor. we all follow and the entire family lays on the floor and falls asleep.  we all lay there chatting until we all doze off with happy, full bellies. the living room window shines sun on this exact spot and my dad says we are like lions laying in the sun after a good meal. true that. i think this is my favorite tradition.
  • guess the turkey.  this is super fun.  we have a contest each year where we guess the weight of the turkey, and whoever guesses closest gets money.  the amount of money changes each year, and there is usually a first, second and third place.  we are allowed to lift the turkey and if you're real serious, go to a grocery store and lift several turkeys to get a feel of what a 20 pound turkey feels like (i think my cousin is the only one to do that). you MAY NOT sneak to the kitchen with a scale in the middle of the night. but apparently, even if you live in washington, dc, you can still call in and put in your guess (andrea) even though you have never seen the turkey.  since my family has gotten so big, sometimes we group guesses by couples, so one couple gets one guess instead of each family member getting their own guesses. there are 10 of us in our family now, so im not sure what my dad will decide to do this year.
  • the food is all made from scratch.  i guess this isn't a tradition but more of a standard, but my mom is such an amazing cook and awesome that we make rolls, dressing, everything from scratch. and when i say stuffing from scratch i mean we cook sausage, cut and sautee celery, everything.  we also start baking the day before. we literally bake for two days. we always have homemade apple and pumpkin pie.
  • we eat using the china.  i believe it was my grandmother's china.
  • we decorate the table.  this is always my job and its fun.  we have an entire box of decorations and i put fake leaves and pilgrims on the table. 
we got it down to a science.  

and now to sign off....

i feel a real strong craving to watch You've Got Mail.  It is happening this weekend. 
ps. i just realized that is Callie from Grey's. I can't believe I didn't realize that until now.
pps. speaking of my sister, she is actually staying in Utah for SIX WEEKS! yay! her in laws are having christmas in Utah this year, so here she will stay. STOKED.
ppps. why did i use the word "stoked" so many times in this post? does anyone else think i sound like a frat boy? "yo, dude, so stoked for the keggerrrrrrrr."

November 15, 2013

things that make me happy

Happy Friday everyone! My mom is in town this weekend for my engagement pictures photo shoot and to help me make wedding decisions.  I thought I'd share a list of my favorite things, things that make me happy! Have a fabulous weekend!

The babies. My nieces and nephews.  I love them dearly, more than I ever expected to love them. I can't wait for Thanksgiving when we are all together! My sister is coming in a week and I can't wait! I haven't seen Lincoln or London since August! Lincoln and London are siblings and Eli and Oliver are brothers. Avery and Ollie are not twins, my sisters had them 4 days apart, with Avery first! Crazy, huh?

This guy. You can't be surprised by this one guy, he is my fiance after all.

the rain! apparently I am a pluviophile - lover of the rain.  I loooooove the rain, I adore it. Except when it happens on the day I am shooting my engagement pictures. That's not cool.

My religion! I would be nothing without it!

The Oquirrh Mountain Temple! This is where I am getting married and I can't wait!

My family. I love them all so much.  I am so grateful for them! I really am so excited for Thanksgiving!

Cozy blankets. Don't you just love snuggling up in a cozy blanket after a long day? One of life's simple pleasures.

Sitting by the fire! I love being warm, mostly when its cold outside. I am not a fan of summer, but I like being warm when it's cold. It's so cozy.

new episodes of my favorite TV shows!  I follow a lot of tv shows and I looove TV! It is the best medium. You can check out which shows I like here and here.

dried mangoes! I am addicted to these.

wearing Taran's clothes. This might be weird, but I really love wearing his sweaters and coats. There is something so comforting about it, it's like having his arms wrapped around me at all times.

what are your favorite things?

November 6, 2013


remember this post? well after much deliberation, we decided to be Gatsby and Daisy.

We went to bountiful to trick or treat with two of sisters and their kids, along with my aunt and uncle and my grandparents. it was a paaaarrtaaay. Eli and Oliver were Buzz and Woody and miss Avery was a strawberry (her mama was a farmer).

trick or treat!

Candy please?

Rad house.  That was the entry way.

The kids were soooooo hyper.  They were bouncing off the walls.  especially ollie, he was very hyper and he is usually the strong and silent type. but he was sure excited about life.

i love this picture. oh my heart.

the boys were kind enough to lick to door as a goodbye as we left.

hope you had a spooky and sugar filled day as well! 

xoxo, lauren

November 5, 2013

its coming along & (ir)rational fears

well, i have been engaged for two weeks and it is all coming along! I have booked my photographer and have scheduled my engagement photo shoot (excited/stressed about that). I am going home this weekend and my mom and I are going to vegas to get me a cute outfit for the photo shoot because if there was ever a time for me to look good.....
but man is this stressful! wow! so much to do and so many decisions to make!
and now to announce my colors

cherry red, turquoise, white and gold!
i like it. its been pretty hard to match, though. especially the turquoise.
i am surprised at how emotional i am lately.  i keep crying of crazy fears. like the fear that taran is going to drop dead, or that he is going to die when we are in our sixties and ill have all these years without him, or that he is going to die before we get married, etc, etc.  i get pretty hysterical and freak out about that probably once a week. pretty weird.  
i have also found myself crying over how happy i am, how perfect the proposal was, how much i love him, and other mushy stuff.

the proposal was the most special and amazing moment of my life, i wish i could go back and live it again. i want to bottle up that moment and keep it tucked away and perfectly intact forever.  taran and i were talking about the proposal last night and i just started crying again. (so much crying lately! but we all know I'm a crier.  it really and truly was the most amazing moment of my life.  it was like everything that had ever happened in my life and every bad thing i had gone through led me to that moment. it as if my life finally made complete sense and I saw my 23 years of life come in a complete circle. that circle will open up again and more experiences will be let in as i get older, but right now, i feel like the old and current events of my life have met to form a perfect, flawless circle.  that feeling hasn't gone away. i have never been more sure of any decision i have ever made, more sure of myself and more sure of taran and i as a couple.  we have had a pretty rough go of it with quite a few large bumps along the way, but we are exactly where we are supposed to be.  so many miracles have happened to get us here.  God has played such a large part in our courtship.  We have seen up close exactly what the Lord can do if we have faith.  I am the luckiest girl in the world and I cannot wait to spend forever with the most amazing man I have ever known.

and now for some wedding things

a bridesmaids dress i am thinking of

my top two favorite reception places

and finally, where we will marry.

xoxo, lauren