Lot 48: whats your rejuvenate ritual?

October 8, 2013

whats your rejuvenate ritual?

i have been feeling pretty overwhelmed lately. i needed to rejuvenate. when i feel like this, this is what i usually do..

paint my nails!

read trashy magazines (guilty pleasure)

i also enjoy taking those magazines or books to the park and reading. 

and then i like to play games. uno, monopoly, phase 10, whatever i have around.

so this is what i did this weekend! i painted my nails and read that trash.  then we took uno to wheeler historic farm and played on a picnic table! then we walked around the farm and it was such a lovely day! then i decided i wanted some halloween decorations so then i went and got this cute thing

it lights up! what a score!

i felt a lot better after this refreshing weekend! what do you do to rejuvenate yourself?
xoxo, lauren

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