Lot 48: what to be for halloween...

October 17, 2013

what to be for halloween...

i have never had the opportunity to be part of a couple's costume before, so i am really stoked about halloween this year. but i am trying to decide what we should be.  Here are some ideas...

Harold and Maude
harold and maude

Google Maps
google maps

Maeby and George Michael

maebe and george michael from arrested development

Bed and the Monster Who Resides Under It
bed with a monster underneath

Lindsay and Tobias Funke

lindsay and tobias bleuth from arrested development

but really, though, i think we are going to be gatsby and daisy.  i made taran watch that movie the other day and he liked it. and it made a lot of really sweet things come out of that pretty little mouth.  so, you know, success.

do you have any other ideas for us?

xoxo, lauren 

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