Lot 48: The Crater

October 16, 2013

The Crater

One of my favorite bloggers is Joanna Goddard from A Cup Of Jo.  I read this post a few weeks ago about awesome pools around the world and was so excited and surprised to find one of the pools mentioned was here in Utah, just 40 minutes from my house! I booked a reservation to swim immediately.  And in case you are about to say "wouldn't it be cold?" let me stop you by saying its a hot spring.  I was so excited. I tried to keep it a secret from Taran to surprise him but I was too excited to keep it all to myself and spilled the beans.  He was stoked.

The drive was beautiful.  I am so glad we waited to go until his fall break from school so we could see all the pretty leaves on the drive!


The Crater is at the Homestead Resort in Midway.  We checked in and signed our wavers and walked across the parking lot to the crater! (side note- Taran was so excited he was driving like a maniac because he couldn't wait to get there.  Did I mention he was stoked?)

Doesn't the entrance look like something out of The Hobbit? So cute!

Once inside, I changed in one of those rad wooden changing rooms and then walked a little further inside.

It was so cool!  The picture makes it look like its a steep jump into the water, but its not, the water is just clear.  It was really cloudy and 

They had buoys for the scuba divers.  They also had boats and stuff underground.  The water is 70 feet deep. There were lots of scuba divers.

There was an opening at the top that was closed but you could still see the sky.  It reminded me of the latest Batman movie where the prisoners can see the sky but they still can't get out.

a tiny little hot tub.

This experience was so much fun and I would definitely go back! I would highly recommend the crater! 

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xoxo, lauren

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