Lot 48: the best friend

October 2, 2013

the best friend

let me introduce you to my best friend. her names is patrisha rebecca ganowsky. we became friends in high school and have been inseparable ever since.  she is the most amazing person you will ever meet in your entire life.  i dare you to find someone as awesome as her. you won't. because no one is as awesome as her.  

she lives here
and i miss her so much.  why does she live in taichung, taiwan? she is serving and lds mission for our church. women serve a mission for 18 months and she has been gone 11 months. only 9 more to go! i am so proud of her. being and about meeting people makes her really nervous (except i don't really believe that because she does fine when she is with me) but when you are a missionary all you do is go up to strangers and start talking! it is so out of her comfort zone and a few letters ago she said how much better she is at getting at it and that it barely scares her anymore. that is HUGE for her! i am oh so proud. she has also lived in our hometown our whole lives and so living in another country is super scary as well. she is doing it like a boss.

she is ga-or-geous.  a flippin' knock out, i tell ya.

i really miss her.  she has seen me through everything. i love her to the moon and back. it hasn't been the easiest year, and i so badly wish she was here with me. she always knows exactly what to say to make me feel better and how to calm me down. 

the three of us, along with my other bff, elise, are inseparable. ill write another separate post on elise.

these girls are my family.  they are my rocks.

i miss patrisha so much. in her letters, she includes little notecards that she writes throughout her day and says its how she texts me. and she always puts cute stickers and stuff on all the letters.  it always brightens my day to get a card from her.  i get really excited. love you trishy. see you in 9 months!
xoxo, lauren

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