Lot 48: so, um, how do i do this??

October 25, 2013

so, um, how do i do this??

Mr. and Mrs. Cakeballs
planning a wedding is insane and crazy and stressful! there are so many decisions to make! so i need help!!! please send all your advice my way!
the wedding is february 8. i think i know who i am going to use for photographer and florist and reception center. other than that........
what is something you wish you would have known when you were engaged and planning a wedding? seriously guys, send advice my way. for real.
leave comments below and send me pins!

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  1. The one thing that I wish I would have been warned is HOW LONG it takes and how exhausting it is to do invitations. Seriously, get those things done early so you don't have to address 300 envelopes in one sitting. Also, photos and food are the most important things. Photos will be the only way you remember your wedding and when everyone else thinks back they will think about food. So make those two things top priority when figuring out your budget.


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