Lot 48: more things about taran

October 18, 2013

more things about taran

the last post i wrote about taran blew up with page views, so lets do it again, yes? just givin' the people what they want. ;)
1. he's a fiiiiine specimen.  and its not just me who thinks this.  people pull me aside and tell me "you're boyfriend is cute!" this has been happening the entire time we have been together. and when we are out and about, the ladies always look him up and down. and then i go over and slap 'em in the face and rip out their hair and say "keep your eyes to yourself, woman!" no, not really. but i want to.
2. hes is uber supportive.  oh, you want to try doing stand up? you should do that, you'd be great at it.  you would like to work in politics someday? you should do that. you want to be in the FBI? cool. you want to do competitive shooting? that sounds awesome. i could go on and on.
3. he loves my niecephews almost as much as i do. he is so great with kids.  he has 8 niecephews of his own and is a pro with the kiddos.  my nephew eli has especially taken a liking to him. he adores taran.  when we come over and i walk in without taran, eli immediately says "where's taran?" and once he walks through the door, it is downstairs  to play, per eli's demand.  eli is glued to taran's side when he's around. his favorite is when taran throws him on the couch. "do it again, taran!" ugh, melts my freakin' heart.
4. "the more time i spend around him, the more i really like that guy." um, yeah, he's awesome. the majority of people who meet him say this. it is impossible not to like taran.  he is the most likeable guy you will ever meet.
5. he is honest.  the man literally cannot lie. which is a great thing! he can't even do white lies, like when i ask him questions about what he is going to do for my birthday and he just tells me because he can't lie.  i've learned to not ask questions about surprises if i want it to be a surprise. 
6.  fuuuunny.  i never laugh more than when i am with him.  he was telling me a joke when we were at the swings at a park one day, and i was laughing so hard i nearly fell off the swing. and i was crying. yes. that is definitely someone i want to be around.
7. he is comforting.  no one else in the entire world knows how to comfort me better than he does.  he knows just what to say and can make me go from hysterical to calm real fast.
8. he spills food on his clothes. and it isn't just once in a while, it is literally everyday.  i have never ever ever seen him without food on his shirt of pants. sigh. i can't take that boy anywhere, can i?  truth be told, i think its kind of endearing.
9. he hates exercise. and i love it so he goes the to gym with me anyway. what a sweetheart. refer to #2.
10. he is not a complainer.  don't you just hate being around people who are? granted, its difficult to know when something is bothering him. good thing i can read that face.

sheesh. that was a lot of cheese. gross.

i just have to post this picture again because i love it so much.

xoxo, lauren

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