Lot 48: london jane plowman

October 2, 2013

london jane plowman

i cannot believe i haven't written about this yet. i have a new niece. she was born on may 31, 2013. she is the smiliest baby. she is so happy and even tempered and sweet. i was very excited to meet her.

my sisters and i were so excited to meet her we drew numbers to agree who got to hold her first. yes, this is what we do. and i won! i got to hold her first, but not for long. the sister who drew second took over. i don't blame her. look how cute she is! 

we put her on a blanket on the floor and all gathered around her and oooo'ed and awwwwed over her. and she just stared up at us and smiled away. what a little sweetheart.

i love this picture. sleeping on daddy's lap.

 um.. yeah.. this was heaven.  she laid next to me while i read on the couch.  she was really fussy so i stroked her stomach.  after a few minutes, she fell asleep. it was so special to just sit next to her and stroke her. 

cousin avery liked her too.

i can't wait to see her at thanksgiving! 
xoxo, lauren

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