Lot 48: Fall TV Reviews

October 22, 2013

Fall TV Reviews

it's that time of year! the best time of year of all! new tv shows! you can read last year's reviews here

The Crazy Ones
This one was "eh."  It had some funny moments, but basically was pretty boring.  maybe i should give it another chance. 
Grade: C+

Super Fun Night
Oh Rebel.  I had such high hopes for you.  I read your interview in Vulture and was so stoked. I couldn't even get through the pilot.  Maybe i should give it another try and watch another episode. Pilots are always a hit and miss anyway. But wow, was the pilot bad. wow.  
Grade: F

Brooklyn 99
If you haven't seen this show yet, drop what you are doing and watch it NOW.  This is by far my favorite show that has premiered this season. it is HILAROUS. like "roaring laughter, head thrown back, can't stop laughing" funny. It might not help that I have a major crush on Andy Samberg (sorry ladies, he got married a few weeks ago to a random singer no one has heard of.) Dan Goor and Michael Schur, you are my heroes.  I strive to be as good a writer as you two. Goor and Schur were writers on The Office and created Parks and Recreation.  Do you need anymore reason to watch this show? Because it is impossible for those to create anything but brilliance. (Fun fact: Michael Schur plays Dwight's weird cousin Mose on The Office.)
Grade: A+++++++++++++++++  

The Blacklist
A few months ago, a friend from my L.A. days send me a bunch of pilots to read. I read this pilot and was immediately hooked and excited for it to air. It has not disappointed.  This show hooks you in.  It is a little stereotypical at times but I love the premise.  Taran and I are really enjoying it, Taran especially. He can't wait for Tuesdays! (My tv doesn't work so we have to wait until it goes on Hulu but it is on Monday nights on NBC.  Don't ask me what time, idk. just watch it on Hulu.)
Grade: A

What shows are you loving?

xoxo, lauren

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