Lot 48: cooking: an internal battle

October 3, 2013

cooking: an internal battle

i don't like cooking. 
i used to not mind it. but lately, man oh man. cooking and i don't have a good relationship. crockpots i can deal with because all i have to do is throw stuff into the crockpot and let it sit for six hours. but the labor of cooking! the time it takes to cook! the dishes! the labor! cleaning up! the time! its all so much work! (lazy much?)

i think the main reason i hate cooking so much is because of what little time i have. i get home from work at 530, and by then, i want food to already be on the table.  i don't want to have to wait an hour to make something. so why don't i cook on saturdays for the week? because saturdays is a day of play! i don't want to cook on a day when i can play! i also hate grocery shopping. its all just a big problem.
does anyone have any crockpot recipes that they want to send me? or any easy crockpot recipes? send me your recipe pins! pinterest link at top of page.
xoxo, lauren

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