Lot 48: Where are you from?

September 11, 2013

Where are you from?

Lets get to know each other, shall we?  I like people.  I like learning about where people grew up and what the like and don't like and who they are. So let me share those things with you.

I grew up in a small town of 70,000 called Saint George in the very southwest corner of Utah.  It was so far southwest that my house was one mile away from the Arizona border and was 2 hours away from Las Vegas.  I have spent a lot of time in Vegas.  Our time was so small that we would go to Vegas to go school shopping for new clothes.  If we needed clothes, we went to Vegas. 

As you can see, there were a lot of red rocks in my town.  Our tourism consisted of people who wanted to come hike and do outdoorsy things. Saint George is also really close to Zions National Park which is a popular park to do more outdoorsy things apparently.  (I don't like the outdoors.)

My hometown was ranked in Money Magazine's "Best Places To Live". I was really excited about that.  It's a good town. But very hot.  It is the desert and snowed three times in my life and when it did snow, it didn't stick, just melted once it hit the ground. It gets to about 118 degrees in August. 

But we have a really nice man made lake which made summers really fun.  We have a family boat and loved taking our friends out on the lake all the time. I loved tubing. Those are my friends.

There is also a great cliff to jump off.  You can walk to the cliff from the parking lot so lots of people bring picnics and jump in and out. Its fun.

these are my two best friends and me.  i really love them. the one in the middle is on an LDS mission right now in Taiwan and I miss her somethin' fierce.  Elise is back home in St. George.

When my senior year of high school came, i decided i wanted to go somewhere close but far enough that i still got the college experience.  So I went to southern utah university in Cedar City, an hour away from St. George.  That was a pretty hard year and at the end of it, i decided i wanted to transfer and make the big move up north.

When people back home say "up north" it means either provo or Salt Lake City.  Salt lake is the capital of Utah the actual city has 180,000 people while the county has 1 million.  There are several cities bunched together surrounding salt lake filling out the county, so few people actually live in salt lake. a lot of people live in surrounding cities. 

So I transferred schools and went to the U of U.  Best decision I ever made.  I loooooove Salt lake and shortly after i moved there, i realized i adore big cities. in fact, i thrive in them.  i will never live in a small town ever again. i have been here 4 years now and it has been wonderful.  i was so incredibly nervous and scared when i moved up here though.  i knew one person and had some family near by, but i felt pretty alone.  my first day of school at the U, i vomited before my first class because i was so nervous.  i kept getting lost and was awestruck by the big buildings and skyscrapers and there was more than one freeway! what?! it was all very confusing and scary.  but i have made a lot of good friends here and love the live i have built for myself here. 

After my junior year of college, i went on a study abroad to London. It was one of the best experiences of my life. 

I lived in London for six weeks and studied theater. we went to several Shakespeare plays at the Globe theater and modern plays in the west end.  we also got a week off our study abroad to travel wherever we wanted, so I went to Rome, a dream come true.  We were also there for the Royal Wedding.

And I went to so many castle, it was bliss.

In fall of that year, I moved to Los Angeles for an internship.  I worked for two production companies and learned all about "the biz." there, i really found my home.  Los Angeles is my very favorite city in the world and i hope to live there again someday.  i actually hope to live there permanently and raise my family there. 

After LA, i moved back to salt lake and finished my senior year at the U.  I graduated in August 2012 in media communications and now work as communications director for a small company in a neighboring town of salt lake.  i have three older sisters, no brothers and 5 niecephews.  all my sisters are married and two of them live up here in salt lake, one lives in Kansas City and my parents still live back home.  
so now you know about me, now tell me about you.

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  1. I find it hilarious that you referred to Saint George as a small town! My hometown has 30,000 residents and I still think of it as big. My husband is from Page, AZ and Saint George (or Flagstaff, AZ) was where they went to go to the "big city" LOL!


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