Lot 48: date with the nephew - tracy aviary

September 24, 2013

date with the nephew - tracy aviary

i like to take my 3 year old nephew Eli on dates.  We have been to the Natural History Museum, the aquarium, and to a farm. On Saturday, I took him to the Tracy Aviary.

we got there just in time for an encounter where we got up close and personal with a few birds. here is a volcher. 

look how close we were to the birds!

we couldn't resist taking some selfies

we fed the ducks, which he loved. we even showed him how to hold out his hand so the birds would walk right up and eat them out of his hand.

good lookin' boys

i forget what bird this is, but it's huge and the king of the Andes apparently. 

they had some bones to climb on.

taran had eli spread his arms out to compare how big his wings would be to the bird's wings. it is a large bird! 

lashes for days

fruit loops anyone?

we ran into my sister's friend. this is her son, harvey.  eli and harvey play together, so they ran around screaming for awhile. 

the aviary is pretty small, we covered the place in a little over an hour. i could tell eli was getting really sleepy because we was clinging to taran and zoning out. 

and i was right! he conked out one minute after we got in the car.

i love this guy! i love my dates with him and watching him learn and play. he kept saying "let's go this way!" and led us around. he had a blast. i love being his favorite aunt.
xoxo, lauren

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