Lot 48: This Weird Thing I Do

September 4, 2013

This Weird Thing I Do

I have this weird thing I do. I am a little but addicted to maps. I loooove looking at maps and seeing new places of the world. I like looking up a county and seeing where that is and zooming in real close and looking at the streets and mountains. And then I zoom back out and look at the cities near it and the countries surrounding it.  I read an article on Abu Dhabi the other day and spent some time zooming in and out. It's so fun! I like imagining myself walking the streets of a new plane and learning about a new culture. 

I also sometimes look at villas and houses in other parts of the world. Like this house in Italy. 

I like looking at little villages and houses and imagining what it would be like to love there. There is a series I have been reading about Americans living in other countries and it is fascinating. There is a new post every Monday and I wait anxiously for the new post each week. I will be so sad when it ends!! If you want to read it, here's the link

I hope that I get to travel to all these places some day. But let me make something clear.  I have a really great life.  Life is really good and dandy.  I just like to daydream. Nothing wrong with that! What part of t he world will I learn about today? Any suggestions? Yesterday was Liechtenstein.

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