Lot 48: Denver Trip

September 6, 2013

Denver Trip

I had been itching to take a trip for a while so when I realized Labor Day was coming up, I said to my bestie Amy, "hey, lets go on an adventure!" So away we went. We were very excited. This is us leaving Salt Lake.

We stayed with my aunt and uncle, my dad's brother. My dad's sister and her husband were there as well. We also had my cousin's 1 yr old baby girl there too. It was a fun, full house! 

My uncle's house is absolutely gorgeous.  This is the view from their porch. It is really high up in the mountains, about 30 miles from Denver.  

We arrived at their house at 10:30 pm on Friday. We both left work early and drove to Denver. I most certainly would have not been able to do the drive by myself. I am so glad we split the driving.

On Saturday, we went to Elitch Gardens, an amusement park in downtown Denver. It was so much fun!  the park in a few blocks away from the skyline, so when you are at the top of a roller coaster about to plummet, you look over and can see the skyline really close! It was cool!

Funny hats.  Duck faces happen on vacations.

We were really really hot after like, a half hour, so we went on a water ride and got SOAKED. Amy wanted to take a picture of her hair.

Amusement park day!

This was the ride where you walked up 7 stories of stairs and then get on the roller coaster that goes straight down, does a loop and straight back up to the platform on the other side. Then it repeats backwards. I had to take a picture of how high up we were.

It got cloudy and we had been there for five hours, and had been on all the cool rides, so we left. Look how close the park is to downtown! The park had this fun ride where you get in a little cart and its a scary ride where ghosts jump out at you, and you have a laser gun and you zap those ghosts! There are targets everywhere and the score is kept on your cart and whoever gets the most ghosts with their laser wins.  I won, naturally.

When we got home, we saw this.  Two deers chillin' outside my uncle's house.  

The drive to my uncle's house was really beautiful.

On Sunday, we went to church. It was so funny how my aunt and I were matching. That was not planned at all!  I really love my aunt.  She is such an example to me.  She is always so positive and loving and kind and sweet. I want to be like her.

After church, we were off to the zoo! And let me tell you, this zoo was AMAZING!

we were particularly excited because they had a baby zebra. and it was aaaadorable.  you can barely see it in that picture. but the cute little thing was just laying down, all cute and tiny like. it was 2 1/2 months old!

Hyena. I kept thinking of Lion King.

This is hard to see too, but this is a snow leopard with a baby snow leopard. you could see the baby sticking its head up from behind its mama. it was soooo cute.

This was kind of scary actually. So the bear on the right had just finished its bone. And the bear on the left is still eating. So then the bear on the left walks away from its bone for a second, and the other bear pounces and steals its bone. 

(WHERE'S MY BONE?!?!?!) 
So then the thief bear goes to the corner of their habitat to hide and eat the bone. Once the bear realizes its bone was gone, it was PISSSSSSED. 

You can't really see the other bear in the shadow, but victim bear goes to get his bone back. He goes over and GROWLES and starts clawing at the other bear. He is MAD.  The bear with bone keeps eating and just shrugs the other one off like  "I'm eating dude, leave me alone." But this bear keeps GROWLING and clawing with its big ol' claws. I had never heard a growl before. But then the bear eventually gives up and jumps in it's little pond thing. But then goes back for round two.  Same result. It was pretty intense. And exciting. And scary. But I still think bears look cuddly. Look at their fur. But this interaction reminded me of how I act when people steal my food.

I guess these are servals? Some kind of tiger/cat thing?

Guys.  there is a giraff popping out of Amy's head.  Whoa.

This peacock was just walking around the park, chillin out. It almost ran into Amy multiple times.

This gorilla was just thinking. He yawned and showed his teeth and it was super scary.

After we had covered every inch of that zoo, we headed downtown to the food festival! We had already been walking for 3 1/2 hours so my feet were KILLING me but, onward we go!

The food festival was The Taste of Colorado.  There were 50 restaurants and for $10 you got 15 tickets. Instead of prices on the menus, they had number of tickets for a sampling of their food or a full entree.

Bad shot of carnival rides.

Better shot of carnival rides?

Lots of people. Lots of food. I had samples of from several different places. I tried a strawberry cupcake, lemonade, carmel apple pie, funnel cake and the BEST meatball sub I HAD EVER HAD. Because it was a sampling, it was just one meatball on a roll.  And it was very sad when it was gone. 

Carnival rides of skyscrapers. Nice.

Pretty church.

My aunt was so thoughtful and put a picture of my family on our nightstand to make me feel at home. Amy was teasing me about how many blankets I slept with. I was cold! Look at that pile of blankets!

My aunt and uncle were so unbelievably kind.  They fed us breakfast and dinner everyday and everything was so good. They insisted on making us breakfast on the morning we left.  Look at their lovely porch! Gorgeous! Their house was so high up in the mountains that it was 10 degrees cooler than in Denver. Wonderful!

This was seriously one of my favorite trips I have ever been on.  It was so so SO much fun.  I would love to go back.  Thanks to Nolan and Aldi for their kindness and generosity.

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