Lot 48: books i've half read

September 18, 2013

books i've half read

Since I graduated college, I have been reading a lot of novels with my free time. And it has been wonderful. But, it seems I have a very short attention span since I have only finished two of these books.

I would tell you what this book was about but I don't know. Beautiful Ruins was really beautifully written but it was really slow. I got half through and I still had no idea what the story was, it was just too slow. When I mean slow, I mean realllly slow. Nothing had really happened by half way through. The book switches back and forth between present day and 1965 and present day was the unbearably slow part. I would have liked to just read the flashbacks to the 60s. i think i should give it another try.

How do I say this nicely. The dialogue in this book was unbearable. Absolutely unbearable. I felt like I was reading a 6th grade creative writing project. It was about Italian girl getting married. I only read 30 pages. I felt my IQ lowering as I read, so I stopped.

I really liked this book. I love Jodi Picoult. This book is about a Jewish girl who befriends a man who turns out to be a Nazi who was responsible for killing hundreds of prisoners in the concentration camps. When he tells her who he is and what he has done, she..... oh?? what happens? you'll have to read it! But I read 1/3 of the book because it was too sad and the detailed descriptions of the concentration camps was hard to take, so I stopped. It was really good but was too much to handle for me.

I feel as though I am not smart enough for this book. It takes place in Romania (i think) and is written in a very intellectual way. I didn't really understand what was going on. So I stopped.

This book was depressing. The kind of book that wants you to go slit your wrists. I cried nearly the entire time I read it. So I stopped halfway through. It was just too sad. It is about a man who loses the love of his life and he recounts their relationship. It was the most heartbreaking book I have ever half read. Now for the books I did read.

All people should read this book. it was FABULOUS! entertaining, excellent writing, excellent dialogue and HILARIOUS. it is about a family and the mom is slightly crazy and awesome and hilarious. and the book is mostly written in letters, as in letters to and from characters in the book, instead of dialogue. i adore this book.

I felt this book took over my brain and soul. I didn't really think about anything else while I read this book. It was gripping and took a thousand turns you would never expect. it was excellent. its a murder mystery. but do not start reading this book if you are busy in life. because you will get NOTHING done and while you read this book. prepare to snap at people when they interrupt your reading as well. also, they are making a movie of this book with ben affleck as the guy and i think reese witherspoon is the girl.
what books do you like? i would LOVE suggestions!

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