Lot 48: Things About Taran

August 2, 2013

Things About Taran

Favorite color: red
Foods he hates: coconut and pretzels
Favorite food: sushi
Quirks: when he can't think of the name of something, he makes it up.  Smashburger is "smashbrothers" and Seven Peaks is "raging waters."  It is so funny when he does this.  I start laughing uncontrollably when he does it.  It is hilarious.
Personality traits: He cares a lot about people.  He worries about people that aren't close to him when they are going through a hard time.
Most annoying thing about him: I have to try really hard to make friends.  For him, people just flock to him and want to hang out.  People call him all the time to hang out.  Everybody loves being around him.  He makes no effort to make friends, they just appear. I am so jealous of that.
Biggest fear: Girls.  The first time he called me he sat with his phone in his hand and his finger hovering over the send button for a full half hour before he finally did it.  
Other things
  • He takes a really long time to make decisions. 
  • He is chill and I am not, so it works well.
  • We have the same sense of humor.  We think exactly alike.  
  • He is a perfectionist.  Especially when it comes to school.  But it's good to be a perfectionist when you are a medical engineer, right? Then your devices won't kill people. 
  • He really loves learning.  And he watches super nerdy documentaries like how swords were made in medieval times.
At the Wynn in Vegas for my birthday

This is my favorite picture of him

Work event. Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant opening.  Free wings, baby.

Chillin' with a dear at Scheels

Ugh.  I was so mad at him when he cut his hair that short.

He will be mad I posted this picture, but I love it. It shows his funny personality.  He is so funny he makes me laugh so hard.

We are going home to St. George today and he is leaving on Monday and I am staying through Friday. I am really nervous, we have never been apart for that long.  It's going to be really hard.  But lots of people do it, we can do it.  For those of you in long distance relationships, I applaud you.  I could never do it.

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  1. I love love love this!!! I love you and Taran as a couple!!!! You are both so cute.


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