Lot 48: Missing London

July 14, 2013

Missing London

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Remember when I did a study abroad in London and it was AMAAAAAZING? And the best time of life?  Aaaaaahhhhhhhh, the bliss.  the bliss of it all.

People have been talking about London a lot lately and it is making me miss it.  My friend is going there in October.  My other friend is dating a guy who lives in north England.  And my new niece's name is London.  And my boyfriend served his mission in London.  And Princess Kate is about to have her baby, so that is everywhere on the news.  There is a lot of talk about London!

I have just been remembering waking up in my flat to the noise of foreginers talking loudly at the embassy next door.  I remember walking across the street to Hyde park.  I remember that 15 minute walk to the tube stop, swiping my tube card, walking down the steps, hearing street performers, and getting on that tube that would take me to the next adventure. Everyday was an adventure!  It was fabulous!  There were no worries or concerns! I just played allllllll the tiiimmmmmeeee!  Non stop!! I lived in one of the most exciting and fabulous and wonderful cities in the world! I miss it so much!  I could go on and on about all the things I miss, but instead I will just share some pictures. 

London oh London, I miss you sooooo much.  I would like to go back to that time of life.  It was such an amazing time of life.  But I cannot.  Stuck here in the real world.

You can read my blog that I had while I lived in London here.

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