Lot 48: I severely dislike summer

July 1, 2013

I severely dislike summer

It's too hot, guys.  It is just soooo hot.  And I really don't like the heat.  Which is funny, since I grew up in such a hot place.
The only good thing about summer is this (especially since the new place i moved into has a pool and i use it everrrrry single dayyyy. last night Taran and I were driving home and I said I am jumping in the pool the second we get home and he started laughing and said I have been in the pool more than I have ever been in my whole life in the two weeks since you moved into that place.  so.... i guess we go there a lot.)

 And this

I enjoy this as well

 This is good too.  Especially with my pass of all passes

 And I am rather fond of this

But guys.  It is sooooo hot.  Taran took me in his car the other day with NO AIR CONDITIONING.  let's just say harsh words were said.  from me.  we aren't taking his car ANYWHERE until November.

Fall is my favorite season.  And I can't wait.  3 MONTHS UNTIL OCTOBER!!! Counting down.  I lloooooooove fall. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE FREAKING LOVE IT.
3 months.  I can do that, right?

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