Lot 48: He is 3

July 3, 2013

He is 3

Has anybody noticed that I really, really, really love my nieces and nephews?  Have you caught onto that yet?  Probably.

We had a birthday party for the my best bud Eli on Sunday and it was so much fun!  Look at all the presents for that kid!!

Oliver got a little jealous of all the attention Eli was getting so he had to sit on his mama's lap to feel included.
Taran and I gave him a bubble gun which he LOVVVEDDDD!  Oliver loved it too and started crying when Eli wouldn't let him play with it.

My parents got him a BIKE!  A bike with training wheels! A BIKE, I tell you!  Eli was asking that Ama and Grandpa come to his party, and how are you to say no to that?  So they came up for the weekend.

 Taking off into the great unknown on his hot new wheels.  He is OUTTA here!

 Avery and Oliver wanted to give us a concert.  They love playing the piano together.  Avery was so cute, and she would play and then turn around and look at us and then we would clap for her and she would get this huge grin on her face and clap for herself and then do it all over again.  I think she loves attention.
 It was a mickey mouse party!  Andrea made this awesome cake for him.  How cute is that?  

 He did a very good job blowing out the candles.  I can't believe he is 3!  I remember so well when he was born and I have been thinking of all these memories I have of him when he was a baby.  I can't believe how big he is and how grown up he is!  It makes me teary.  I can't believe how much I love him.  Boy oh boy, do I love that boy.  He is so handsome and kind to others and smart and is a very social and inclusive little boy. I cherish our aunt/nephew dates.  We have another one coming up and I can't wait!  I get so excited to take him out.

 Birthday boy with Ama and mommy.  
(Ama means grandmother in Basque, the native language of my brother Jon.  We want to grandkids to have a different name for each grandparent, so my mom is Ama, my dad is Pop pop.)
 I tried to get him to look at the camera.  He did not oblige.  

 Rockin' the mickey ears with mommy and daddy.  

 Every party is more fun with this guy around.  Everything is more fun with him around, really.

Happy birthday my sweet baby boy!  I love you so much!  Can't believe you are 3!

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