Lot 48: Date with Eli - Natural History Museum

July 19, 2013

Date with Eli - Natural History Museum

I really love taking my nephew Eli on dates.  I really really love doing that.  It makes me so happy.  Eli is my best bud.  He is so smart.  On the drive to the museum, we drove past the power plant and he pointed to it and said that's an oil refinery!  And as we past construction, he pointed and said that's an excavator! and as we past where he goes to eating therapy, he said "doctor! therapy!"  he is so smart.  

We went straight to the kid's room when we got to the museum.  They had little rocks that had frogs and stuff in them that you could look at.

And they had binoculars!  He loooooooved the binoculars.

They had a fake river with toy fish and water bugs and nets to catch them in.  Eli looooooved it.

As you can see.  He played and played and played in there and did not want to leave!

They had little costumes you could put the kids in, so I put him in this one.  Look how cute! He didn't like wearing it, but I insisted.

Then it was time for dinosaurs.  He was really excited to see the dinosaurs and kept talking about it, but when once we got there and he saw how big they were, he got really scared.  He froze with a look of terror in his eyes.  I had Taran go ahead of us to show him they weren't going to hurt him, but Eli didn't buy it.  I tried to explain that the dinosaurs were fake and they weren't going to hurt him.  Eli clung to me and look oh so scared.  It was so sad but really cute.  So then I asked him if he wanted to see the dinosaurs and said "I don't want to, I'm scared!" And ran away.  

So then we found this room where they had a bunch of toys.  Notice how he left all the dinosaurs in their basket?  He didn't even want to play with the toy version.  He put the dinosaurs that I pulled out back in.

Best buds.

He got these blocks and built the tallest tower!  Taran was so impressed that it didn't fall over.  Eli was determined to build it as high as it would go.

He could barely reach the top of the tower.

They had a natural disaster exhibit so I asked Eli if he wanted to go see the tornadoes.  He said yes.  I am an idiot and didn't take one picture inside the exhibit, but this is the entrance.  There were interactive exhibits on hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, mudslides and tornadoes.  He was fascinated.

Then we went to the life exhibit.  There were interactive things to build cells and learn about all kinds of wildlife.  This is a picture of Eli climbing on top of the fish bowl.  He wanted to open it.

Eli totally loves Taran, and why wouldn't he?  When I picked up Eli, he asked, "Where's Taran?" and I told him he was meeting us there but Eli kept asking where he was.  When we went to Wendy's afterward, Taran followed us in his car and all the way to Wendy's Eli asked where Taran was.  I asked Eli if he missed him and Eli got his shy look on his face and said "yeah!"  When I asked Eli if he wanted to go see the ants, he turned to Taran and said "Come on, Taran!  Let's go see the ants!"  Melted my heart.  

My oh my do I love Eli.  He is my bestest bud.  And I am his favorite aunt.  I ask him who is favorite aunt is every time I see him.  And Taran asks him when I am not around too, just to check and the answer is always "lauren!" yesssssss.  mission accomplished.
lauren out.

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