Lot 48: Wishes

June 23, 2013


Do you have wishes that you severely, severely want to come true? Let me share some of mine.  I would really love to go here
Greece. I want to lay on this beach and read a book and wear a cute hat and eat lots of gyros and listen to the locals speak in beautiful Greek and look at the blue water.

South of France.  Lay on the beach, stay in a really really nice resort that is the epitomy of luxury. 

 And then speed around in a yacht.  Like this one. 

 Oh, Italy.  How I love you.  How dearly, dearly I love you.  I want to stay in an old house in Tuscany and I can't drink wine... but it would still be really cool. 
 And lets so to Venice, yes?  yes.  i heard it smells and you really only need a day to go there, but i still want to go.
 How about Australia? I have always wanted to go to there. lets go there.
I went to San Fran when i was about 12, but we were only there for a weekend for my mom's cousin's  wedding so we didn't see much.  And I want to go back and see a lot.

I not only want to go here, but I want to live here.  I really really want to live here.  Really really want to live here.  Really really badly.  Just for a little bit. Not several years, maybe just for like a year.  I really really want to live there, guys.
 And then i want to win this.  Its an Emmy.  And I want one.  At least one.  I would like several.  Several of them, guys. 
And I want to win an Emmy while wearing this

While walking down this

And then can i live here?  A castle, guys.  And can I wear a very pretty gown and have servants and yummy food and diamonds and rubies and more diamonds.  And some more really, really pretty gowns.  And balls.  Lots of lots of balls where everyone knows dances and we can all dance together and wear pretty things and pretty shoes and our hair is all done up pretty.  And I have a throne and a crown and I am a queen and I rule over everyone.

Or I can live here.  I would enjoy that.  That is clearly in hollywood, so that is just the icing on the cake.  and the pool that that mansion would have would be quite awesome and i could lie next to the pool always. and write scripts.  and what a great life it would be.
I could keep going.  but now i am just getting frustrated because i don't have any of these things. 
but its okay, guys. because i have Christ. so, everything is okay.

Some of these wishes will come true.  Some will not.  Its okay.  I just wish I could afford to buy a new dress.  Just a new dress would make life a little bit better.
The end.

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