Lot 48: Dad

June 19, 2013



He is the best dad.  The best dad in the whole world, really.  I can and do talk to him about anything.  He is my best friend.  He is my rock.  He is who I go to for help.  He has taught me so many important life lessons.  And he is so much fun!  And he always let me know I am loved.  Everyday, he would ask me he had told me he loved me that day.  If he hadn't, he would tell me.  If he had, he would say it again.  He really is, honestly and truly, the best dad a girl could ever ask for.  I am so lucky to have him.  And he is also the best grandpa.   And he also treats my mother very well and loves her very much, giving me an example of a good marriage.
He is a guitarist and is in a band and we always jam together whenever I go home to visit.  He learns new songs for me and we record them and it is oh so fun.  He is a cool dad.
You rock.
And I love you.
Thanks for being my dad and always being there.

p.s. Sorry I totaled three of your cars.

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