Lot 48: 23rd Birthday!

June 2, 2013

23rd Birthday!

My birthday this year was the best birthday EVERRRRRRR!!!! Seriously the best birthday of my LIFE! 
The day went started off perfect!  I took the day off work so I got to sleep in! 


Taran came and got me and gave me my first present!  He made me a party popper and they had fun prizes in them!  Then we went to iHop for breakfast!  And the waitresses gave me free ice cream and sang to me! And I got my favorite breakfast!  Then we went swimming with my niecephews!  I don't have any pictures of it because I don't bring my phone to the pool.  But it was so great!  I kissed all my babies and we swam and played and splashed and it was great!  Eli totally loves Taran.  He was on the other side of the pool and Eli asked me "Where's Taran?"  It made me happy.  Avery has taken an obsession with my sister Andrea.  It looks like Andrea is the favorite aunt.  :(.  I took Avery from Andrea's arms and Andrea walked away and Avery started crying!  But I was here!  Clearly, I'm not good enough. :(

Then Taran gave me a foot message.  And then he left because he said he needed two hours to get my present ready.

So then I went to Sweet Tooth Fairy to get my free treat!  Did you know if you sign up for their emails, they give you a free treat on your birthday!  I got my favorite, strawberry shortcake.

When I got home, there were chocolate covered strawberries waiting for me on my porch!  Taran knows how much I love chocolate covered strawberries.  They were really really good. And there were a dozen of them.

Then Taran gave and picked me up and blindfolded me!  I was so excited and I had no idea where we were going.  When I opened my eyes, I saw this! We were in a gazebo in a park that I had never been to, and it was secluded and very pretty!

It was seriously so sweet.  Like, the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.  He thought of every  detail.  He got my favorite soda and made me my favorite dinner, chicken and mashed potatoes.  Can we discuss that he MADE everything? He had candlesticks and nice silverware and plates and it was so nice! I may or may not have cried because it was so sweet. 

Then he gave me my cake!  He made it from scratch!  By himself!  He was so proud of himself and is such a good cook.  He put 23 candles on the cake.  It was perfect.

Blurry picture of blowing out my candles.

Then he gave me my present!  Ready? Drum roll please........
HE NAMED A STAR AFTER ME!  Isn't that the sweetest thing you have ever heard of? 

There was a map of where my star is!  It is circled and the yellow line is the constellation it is near.  Isn't that the big dipper?

He also gave me the most beautiful roses.  They were tall and sweet and smelled so sweet.

His brother lives in Alaska and his mom just got back from visiting them.  And she brought me this!  It was so nice of her to get me a present and think of me when she was away.  I love his mom.

When we got back to my house, my friend and roommate Amy gave me my present!  She got me this awesome cookie that is shaped like a cupcake!  It was the most amazing cookie.

And she gave me gift cards to the movies and to Zupas.  And this very sweet book by Elder Uchtdorf called "Your Happily Ever After." It is a very good book and is just what I needed to hear.

I went to bed that night feeling so blessed and loved!  I can't believe how spoiled I was that day!  
The next day, I got home and had another wonderful surprise!  A letter from my best friend in the whole world who is on a mission in Taiwan!  It was a birthday card and I was so grateful and touched that she planned it so well that I got it nearly right on my birthday! It was such a sweet birthday card.

That night, my friends Amy and Elizabeth took me to dinner.  I got this delicious tart for dessert and it was mind blowing.  They were so sweet to treat me.

The sexy ladies being my suga mammas and paying for me.  Love them.  They are also my roommates and I am so glad that I moved into this house and met them.  I love them so much and am so grateful that I am friends with them.

Thanks to all who made my birthday so special!  It was the very best birthday of my life.  And I feel so much older and wiser!  I am so blessed and happy to have so many amazing people in my life.  
Thanks to everyone!

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