Lot 48: Memorial Day Weekend

May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend was amazing!  I took Taran home with me to St. George for the weekend and we had so much fun!  

He first surprised me with these babies that he made for our drive!  They are chocolate covered strawberries covered in cream and are soooooo good.

When we got to St. George, we cleaned and prepped the boat to take to the lake the next day. Then we met with my dear friend Kim and went up on the red hill and talked and ate chips and guac.  It was a great and realxing evening.  The next day we went to the lake but I didn't take any pictures.  

My birthday is on Wednesday, and I asked for tickets to Beatles Love in Vegas as my birthday present.  So late afternoon, Taran and I headed to Vegas!  He was so surprised with how quickly we got to Arizona.  I told him my house was a mile from Arizona, but I guess he wasn't listening when I said that. 

Taran hadn't really been to Vegas before, so we got there early so I could show him around.  
First sight on the strip!


I was so excited to see the show!  I had been wanting to see it for YEARS!  I couldn't wait!

I really wanted to go to Cheescake Factory, so I took him to Ceasars Palace.  I love these spiraling staircase.  Taran was so shocked at how much shopping there was.  When we were walking through the Forum Shops at Ceasars, he asked if we were at a mall.  When I told him we were at a hotel, he was floored.  

We ate quickly and booked it back to the Mirage.  We walked in at 7:01 and the ushers closed the doors right behind us. We barely made it, whew! I loved this retro entrance to the theater! It was so cool!

The show was amazing!  We totally loved it!  There was so much going on, we didn't know where to look!  We especially liked the acrobatics in the show, those people are completely amazing.

The Wynn is my favorite so I took him there after the show.  I love these disco ball looking flower ball things.  They are so pretty.  I think the Wynn is pretty.

And I really like these lights.  I just like the Wynn, I think is the most elegant casino.

The next day, my dad suggested we go visit my relative's grave.  Her name was Mary Christine Heiner Hinckley.  I'm a Hinckley, did you know that?  I am named after her, as my middle name is Christine.  It was very special to go to the grave of the woman I was named after.  And apparently, I am part German.

We visited another friend of mine that day and watched some new episodes of Arrested Development!  That is our favorite show.  We quote it all the time.  

The next day, we went back to the lake!  I was very surprised when my dad asked Taran to drive the boat to the lake.  He doesn't even trust me with that.  Taran was nervous.

He did so well wakeboarding!  He got up so easily and did so well!  I was so proud.

He's a stud. He also jumped off the highest cliff.  He's brave.

We went to Pasta Factory with my best friend Elise after the lake.  Classic St. George meal.  Then we drove back! It was such a great and perfect weekend!  I was a little sad when it was over, especially because I wasn't going to be able to be with Taran all day everyday anymore! Stupid work and life that we have to get back to.  
I hope you all had a good memorial day weekend!  


  1. Aw, this all looks like so much fun! Great pictures!
    xo TJ

  2. You and your boy are cute!


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