Lot 48: I owe that man my life

May 9, 2013

I owe that man my life

I had the most special experience the other day.  I went home for the weekend and there was a lovely surprise in store for me.   I got to meet the guy who baptized my mom, Steve Whulstenheum!  It was so special.  I was so happy to meet him and was such a spiritual experience.  Think about the impact Steve has had on so many people.  Steve has effected the lives of me, my mom, my dad, my sisters, my brothers in law, my niecephews and all the people in our lives who we have touched because we are members of the church.  If it wasn’t for him, who knows if I would be here.  If it wasn’t for Steve, who knows if my mom would ever have joined the church.  we had lunch with this man and his wife and we were all crying.  It was such a spiritual moment.  I was filled for love for this gospel and love for this man. 

Can I  share with you my mom's conversion story?  Her job in high school was driving around a blind man who tuned pianos for a living.  He tuned a lot of pianos at churches.  My mom was raised catholic and was living in Detroit but was looking for a new church because she didn’t have faith in the catholic church and it couldn’t answer the questions she needed answered.  Pastors and such were at the churches to let the tuner man in and she would sit with them and talk with them at each church she went to while the guy worked.  The guy (I forget his name) was Mormon but very inactive.  He noticed that she was asking a lot of questions at churches and could tell she was interested in finding faith.  So he began to talk to her about the gospel.  She asked him so many questions and she was very interested.  Finally, he said “you know, there is someone who can answer your questions better than I can” so he called the missionaries.  My grandparents were very against her joining the church and finding faith outside the catholic church so there was no way she could meet the missionaries at her house, so she met them at the piano tuner’s house.  The missionaries (the man who baptized my mother's name is Steve) took her to a baptism and she said she clearly remembers that being the first time she felt the spirit so strongly.

She met with the missionaries for a really long time.  She met with them for so long they were running out of discussions.  She was really scared to get baptized because she knew she would lose her friends and her family would be angry.  One day, the missionaries just brought over a tape to listen to (this was the 70’s so they obviously didn’t have videos like we do now) and she was sitting there and then the spirit knocked her over the head and she knew she just knew that she had to join the church.  press pause.  Meanwhile, back in Utah, my grandmother, my dad’s mother, was dying of brain cancer.  The day she died was the day my mother decided to join the church.  my dad likes to think it was my grandmother’s spirit who knocked her over the head with a brick, and I think it was.  I know it was.  My dad hadn’t even met my mom yet and wouldn’t meet her for another five years, but I think my grandma knew that this woman was her son’s future wife and she stepped to help my mother have the strength to be baptized.

I owe that piano tuner my life.  I owe the missionary I met my life.  As I sat at lunch with this man and I listened to him and mom recount that day that I just told you about and my dad tell steve (the missionary) that he thinks it was his mother’s spirit, I was so overcome with love for this gospel and love for missionaries.  

It was an amazing day! And I hope somebody I can repay him in some way.

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