Lot 48: Baby Animal Party

May 21, 2013

Baby Animal Party

 On Saturday, Taran and I took Eli to a baby animal birthday party at Thanksgiving Point! I was soooo excited to take him.  I knew he would LOVE  it!!!!!!!!!

Here is my little Eli petting the baby goat.  He was a little nervous, but he was very brave and petted it anyway.

They had huge cows.  He thought that was cool and tried to climb over that fence and into the pin.  Taran grabbed him because I don't like being the bad guy.

He rode a pony!  He looked a little nervous but I asked him if he was scared and he said no.  Of course he wasn't!  He is a brave boy! I was so nervous he was going to fall off so I followed him around for a minute but then Taran assured me that he wasn't going to fall off so I just told Eli to hold on tight and stood back.

He looked nervous for the first few minutes, but then Taran waved at him and smiled so then he looked like this.

He waved at us! And then I knew he was okay. He loved it.  I was so proud of him!

He asked to make a party hat, so I showed him how to color the hat and then his attention span ran out so, naturally, he toddled away to look at the baby chicks.  So I finished the hat but he didn't want to wear it, so I put it on myself.

He bowled! He was so good at it and get asking to do it again and again.  I let him do it a few times until I told him it was another kid's turn.  Then he saw a balloon and said "I want it!" so he ripped it off the sign it was attached to and then let it go and it floated away to the sky.

Then we took him to Scheels to go on the Ferris Wheel! When Eli is trying something new, he doesn't say much, he just has this expression.

 But then he smiled. He thought it was okay.  He kept commenting on how high up we were.  And then he commented when we were moving.  And when we stopped.  And that he wanted it to move again.

He was very interested in the canoes.  Very interested.

I was starving so we went to Buffalo Wild Wings.  He was such a good boy and contently and quietly colored in a coloring book they gave him.  Then we ordered french fries and he went to town.  He was so good the entire day! We walked over to the restaurant and I had Taran got get him a toy from my car and while we were walking Eli said "Where's Taran?"  I thought it was so sweet that he noticed he wasn't there!

It was such a fun day! I absolutely LOVE these aunt-nephew dates with my little man.  I can't wait until all the other niecephews get old enough so I can take them too! Eli is my best bud! And my sister says that he hasn't stopped talking about the baby animals and that he rode on a pony in days.  So, mission accomplished.

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